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Making the Grade with Security

Back to School shopping is still underway, even as several districts are settling into the second month of school. School supplies have evolved from Ticonderoga #2 yellow pencils and composition notebooks to iPads and endless apps. Additionally, the latchkey kids of the 20th century have matured into the keyless entry kids of the 21st century. With most families featuring two incomes and working parents, there is legitimate concern about getting kids home safely and keeping them safe once they've entered the house. With today's home automation products, families can rest easy as smart locks allow kids to enter with a keyless and automatic entry. The home automation hub can even text the parent when the kids arrive home and lock the door behind them. You don't have to worry about lost keys, lost slips of paper (showing your garage door code), or early release days. Your home automation system can address all these concerns, keeping you and your family safe for the whole school year and beyond. During holiday breaks or the occasional sick day, video monitoring can help you keep an eye on your kids, even when you still have to work. All of these back to school supplies can be found at Smithville Security.
Honeywell controls

Introducing Lyric

Smithville Security is proud to be an authorized Honeywell Home Security provider. Starting in August of 2016, we are also pleased to be the exclusive provider in southern and central Indiana of the premier Lyric home security system. The Lyric system centers around a touchscreen Smart Controller which acts as a Z-Wave hub and connects everything from a smoke and motion detector to a security camera. By adding Lyric to your standard home security system, you can:
  • Access security settings and monitoring remotely
  • Regulate your home thermostat
  • Access cameras remotely
  • Activate lights and locks
  • Activate your Lyric system by voice
Until September 30th, 2016, Smithville Security is offering a free basic security kit installation and an upgrade to Lyric for only $99. Let us show you how Lyric takes your home security to the next level by scheduling a home assessment by calling 800­-742­-4084.

Keeping an A+ Home

Did your parents ever display your school report card on the refrigerator, displaying all your A+ grades? Earn an all A's report card for your home with this simple security checklist: Add lighting to the exterior of your home as the first step towards creating a safe and secure home. This deters burglars from targeting your home. Trim back bushes so there are fewer places to hide or duck down, if cars approach. Prickly bushes positioned under windows is another approach, favored by horticulturalists. Check your smoke detectors each time you change your clocks for Daylight Savings Time. Add a carbon monoxide detector to your home or a smoke/carbon monoxide hybrid detector. Both of these can be linked to your home automation hub and alert you to a problem, even if you aren't home. Review your escape plan with all family members. Cover details such as:
  • Where should everyone meet in the case of a fire?
  • What exits should be used? Are there alternate exits if one is blocked?
  • Where should you shelter during a tornado?
If you have a home security system, make sure your window decals and signage is prominently displayed. Signage is a top deterrent for thieves.
Honeywell controls

Digitally Safe

With the addition of new technology gadgets and applications, we are becoming a more digitally focused rather than paper-centric. Follow these tips to add a layer of security to your home's digital connections. Secure your wireless network with a difficult password. Consider changing it often and don't share your password frequently. Read more password tips here. Get into the practice of turning off your computer when not in use. Powering down will keep digital hackers from accessing it remotely via malware or ransomware. Reconfigure your phone privacy settings often, eliminating erroneous applications. If you've taken quiz on Facebook, it's likely you've allowed permissions to access your account.
  • Log into Facebook
  • Click Settings (upper right)
  • Select Apps (lower left)
  • Remove or edit any third-party apps you no longer want to have access to your information
For the sensitive papers you do receive, search "Free shred days" for your city to see where you can dispose of personal papers. Or purchase a personal shredder. Keeping your personal identifying information safe begins at home.
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