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Fiber Internet for Business


  • Dedicated 1000 Mbps Fast Fiber connection to your business*
  • Equal upload and download speeds **
  • Unlimited data plan
  • Professional installation with your schedule in mind
  • Seamlessly integrates cloud-based apps
  • Supports smart office technologies
  • Helpful 24/7 live, local subscriber support

*Where available, Wi-Fi router provided by subscriber. **Actual speed may vary based on unique factors such as network congestion, hardware limitations, and other external variables.

Wi-Fi+ for Business


Our Fast Fiber Internet PLUS:

  • Commercial grade, high-performance Wi-Fi 6 Router
  • 24/7 Network Security featuring malware, virus, and threat defense
  • Fully supported, self-service mobile app for total control
  • Four distinct networks for additional security, workflow optimization, and POS system isolation
  • Traffic policies and content limits for Staff and Customer networks
  • Cellular backup for disaster recovery
  • Customizable, branded Wi-Fi Splash Page

Speed Boost 2000


Wi-Fi+ for Business PLUS:

  • Power your business with our Fast Fiber Internet connection and commercial-grade Wi-Fi 6e Router
  • Upload and download faster than ever before with speeds up to 2,000 Mbps (2 Gigabit)
  • Connect all your smart office devices to safely and securely process transactions, transfer files, and participate in online meetings quickly and easily
  • Control your business network from one easy-to-use app to manage content, optimize workflow, and set traffic policies for employees, clients, and vendors

Our Services

Fast Fiber Internet

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Wi-Fi+ for Business

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Cloud Voice

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Small Business Security

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World-class connectivity with Hoosier care

We have been connecting Hoosiers through telecommunications services for more than 100 years.

In 1922, limestone mining and quarry operations in Monroe County had a communications challenge. J.K. Johnston rose to the challenge with an innovative solution using newly emerging communications technology to connect the quarries and enable their growth.

This foresight for innovation has been rooted in the company ever since. In 2003, Darby A. McCarty created Smithville Digital (later Smithville Fiber) to offer customized high-speed data and Internet services. This was particularly innovative as Smithville became one of the first companies to offer Fiber.

We’ve always stayed ahead of the curve, and we continue this tradition by delivering the best solutions available to our customers today.

Woman standing at a podium

Darby A. McCarty,
CEO and fourth-generation owner of Smithville announces Bedford access during a November 1 groundbreaking ceremony.

We connect communities and enrich lives

Two men standing in front of a white truck

Ryan and Toby,
Smithville Technicians and Bedford Residents, will help you get connected to Smithville’s Fast Fiber.

Fiber connectivity enhances the overall operations and economic development for businesses in rural communities, bringing a world of online opportunity to areas with limited Internet access.

Our Fiber gives you next-generation speeds now—so you don’t have to worry about finding a better connection when technology advances.

We live where we serve, so we have firsthand experience of how our solutions enrich the lives of the people and businesses in our communities including those in the city of Bedford. We’re here to connect the Limestone Capital of the World to the world—one fiber at a time.

Internet Speedboost graphic

Bedford is the first area where we are offering multi-gigabit Fiber speeds. Our Speed Boost 2000 upgrade delivers up to 2000 Mbps and is ideal for supporting multiple devices simultaneously. This ensures a smooth performance for data-intensive tasks without lag, buffering, or slowdowns. Speed Boost 2000 is perfect for businesses with above-average Internet usage for tasks such as processing transactions, transferring files, and participating in online meetings.

To maximize your Fast Fiber Internet connection, use our Wi-Fi 6e router, a Cat6A wire (for wired connections), and consider using devices with the latest Wi-Fi 6 or 7 standards. A percentage of the bandwidth will always be used to maintain the connection, so it will never test at precisely 2,000 Mbps. Wired connections can expect a speed of 1800-2000 Mbps, while wireless connections using our Wi-Fi 6e router can expect between 800-1200 Mbps.

Smithville Fiber is located inside the cable that brings Internet from our core to your door—and it makes gigabit Internet a reality. Gigabit refers to the speed or amount of data you can transfer at a given time. Gigabit Internet is also often referred to as 1 gig or 1 Gbps.

Mbps (megabits per second) refers to the speed that information moves. It means exactly one million bits per second. Gbps (gigabits per second) is one thousand million bits per second.

1 Gbps = 1000 Mbps.

A bit is the smallest measure of binary data. Think of it as a 0 or 1. 1 Mbps is basically one small picture (jpeg) or 8 seconds of a song. To put this into context, you use about 25 Mbps when you stream a 4K video.

There are many factors to consider in our decision-making process. We prioritize areas with a greater need for Fiber connectivity. This approach allows us to serve a greater number of customers per mile of construction.

To allocate our resources and optimize efficiency, we tend to plan our next phases adjacent to our current ones.

Wi-Fi+ for Business has four dedicated networks for the owner, staff, point-of-sale devices, and customers. Each network serves a different purpose. Having separate systems increases network security and ensures that demand on your bandwidth doesn’t impact primary network functions.

Owner: This is a primary network for critical systems such as computers, cameras, security systems, and wireless printers.

Staff: This network is designated for employee activity. You can easily add or remove employees from this network, set content restrictions, and more.

POS: This network provides an isolated and protected point-of-sale network and maintains Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards.

Customer: Customers can connect to this network by providing a name, email address and accepting your customized Terms & Conditions through a branded Wi-Fi Splash Page.

Smithville Business Voice is a traditional landline phone system also known as POTS (plain old telephone service). This is the typical copper phone line that has been around for decades. It includes features such as caller ID, long distance calling and call waiting.

Smithville Cloud Voice is a type of VoIP solution (Voice Over Internet Protocol). Unlike a POTS solution that works through phone lines, it works through your internet. This allows for a multitude of features and customization around configuration.

If you have access to Smithville Fiber internet and need more than one phone number, then Cloud Voice is the solution for you. The multitude of features and customizable configuration – not to mention Smithville hosting your PBX system – allows you to future-proof your voice system.

If you do not have high-speed internet or are still on a copper line and only need one phone number, then business voice may be the best option.

Talk to us about your unique situation, so we can help find the best solution for your business.

Small Business Security unifies a host of advanced capabilities into a single, cost-effective solution that can be controlled entirely from an app. Our experts at Smithville will work with customers to customize their new Security solution to meet their business’s needs. 

A Multi-Gig connection is perfect for businesses with multiple devices being used simultaneously on the same network. This includes smart devices such as TVs, smartphones, security cameras, computers, and more. It’s designed for bandwidth-intensive tasks such as processing transactions, transferring files, and participating in online meetings, to name a few.

What Our Customers Say

Dealing with the staff and support team at Smithville has been great. The sales side looks at our needs and finds the right solutions for us. The support team then knows that they have the best product out there [for us]. And they know they can support the product. That our internet is reliable and is on. The big telecom companies – we felt like a number to them. We knew that Smithville would take care of us, and has been a fantastic partner – and a valued partner – for over 15 years.
All of our records are in the cloud, so we have to have instantaneous access quickly. All of our previous problems that we had with our software was directly related to our previous internet service. So I have been amazed at the difference in speed along with reliability that has come with Smithville internet compared with our previous carrier.
Smithville fiber internet is critical for us… We had been using a number of cloud vendors, but over time we saw a cost escalation and we needed a cost competitive solution and network infrastructure to go along with it. Smithville was able to provide that. We’ve used some of the large [internet providers] but they just don’t have the same level of customer service that we get with Smithville. And we just didn’t get that local support that we need that Smithville provides.
“Smithville fiber is wonderful. It is the fastest, most reliable service that I’ve had. We certainly love the relationship we’ve had with Smithville.”
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