11 Must Have Doorbell Features

Skybell Video Doorbell

It’s back to school time. Checking to see whether or not your kids got off the bus doesn’t have to be a hassle. In fact, you don’t even have to be there in person to do so. Skybell Video doorbells have 11 easy-to-use features to protect your home and family.

Skybell Video Doorbell Features and Description

Features Description
1 HD Video


See your visitor up close with high density, 1080 pixel resolution and 5x zoom
2 Motion Sensor


Receive alerts even if your visitor doesn’t press the button (that’s additional security)
3 Live Monitoring


Monitor your front door at any time by starting the video from the app
4 Free Video Recording


Record each video to download or watch any time
5 Multiple User Capability


Allow multiple people to receive alerts to answer the door and/or enable multiple devices on each account.
6 Hear and Speak 2 Way Audio


Enjoy a full conversation with your visitor
7 Activity History


Review the day’s events while you were away (this includes missed visitors, answered video calls and motion alerts)
8 Color Night Vision


Feel safe knowing you can see a visitor at night in full color
9 Quiet Mode


Turn off your home’s doorbell chime from the app so it won’t wake up a sleeping baby or pet
10 Snap Photo Functionality


Capture a photo of your visitor with the touch of a button
11 Rugged Construction for Extreme Temperatures


Rest easy knowing the doorbell works between: -40 and 140 degrees F

One thought on “11 Must Have Doorbell Features

  1. It seems to be a good video doorbell. But I think a Video doorbell that delivers live videos more suitable for parents like me. Once my kids were dropped by bus but instead of going to their rooms,
    freshening up or grabbing the snacks that I made for them in the morning. They went in, threw their backpacks on the couch, and went out to play. They played on the front yard the whole day in the
    sun. My youngest is not good with the sun as he gets sunburnt easily. So, I got video door bell by Hogar Controls. As I can see what they are doing live, I can stop them on time. In combination with the video door bell, I have also got their sensor cameras. Now, I can ensure my kids are safe and secure even though I come home 2 hours after they are dropped off. And if something is fishy, I just call up my neighborhood friend. I have so much more peace of mind.

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