CES 2017 (Consumer Electronics Show) Recap

For many the start of a new year means new beginnings. For me it means it’s time for the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2017).

Consumer Electronics show CES 2017

CES 2017 is the 50th Anniversary

This was the 50th year for CES, and it was the biggest show yet. While the standard awe-inspiring tech was in full force, there was an overarching theme of technology making life better.

What’s it like to be at CES 2017? In a word: overwhelming. With over 165,000 attendees, 3,800 exhibitors, and four main show locations around Las Vegas, preparation is key.

Weeks before the show I contacted vendors we’ve worked with in the past to arrange meetings. I used the CES app to schedule my time and work around keynotes, classes, and other events. I had to mentally prepare myself that I’m not going to be able to see everything and prioritized certain areas over others.

While the driverless cars seem cool (and they work!), I knew the TV and gadget areas were more relevant to me and deserving of my time and attention. I also scheduled in a little fun, including a trip to Milk Bar for a cereal milk milkshake. If you’re in Vegas I highly recommend it.

While the show floor offers the latest and greatest much of the value from CES comes from data on consumer electronics trends. I learned what worked in 2016 and what’s to come in 2017. The big takeaways were that virtual reality and connected homes will be the big focus areas for 2017.

Non-Tech Tech

This year was groundbreaking for companies not normally thought of as tech companies at CES, and I see this trend continuing in the future as everything embraces and includes new technology.

The show had many exciting keynotes, where tech companies reveal their latest innovations. Carnival Cruise Line launched a new “Ocean Medallion” wearable on Princess Cruises which helps manage the customer experience from start to finish. Before the trip passengers can log on and see all the events and activities available to them and plan their itinerary.

Carnival Cruise Line launched a new “Ocean Medallion” at CES 2017

While on the ship there will be several areas that customize to the passenger. When entering an elevator or stopping on a new floor, touchscreens will welcome the guest by name using self-selected personalized colors. More than just an event planner, it has an algorithm which analyzes your interests and free time to provide suggestions for activities.

Under Armour also introduced a new line of sleepwear that uses ceramic to stimulate blood flow and muscle recovery while sleeping. Sorry Colts fans, Tom Brady is the face of the $200 sleepwear sets.

Emerging Trends in Home Automation

Home automation and security is one of the fastest growing areas of CES 2017. There were many different types of security systems but the most advanced of all is Honeywell’s Lyric system. Lyric works as your home’s hub and integrates Skybell video doorbells, water and heat sensors, cameras, and thermostats. Best of all, you can get Lyric in your home today with Smithville Security.

Honeywell’s Lyric system from Smithville Security

Ever want a light bulb you can control with your phone? TP-Link’s new bulbs connect to Wi-Fi and work with Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant so you can tell Alexa to turn on or off, dim, and even change the color of your light bulb.

I must admit I thought this was a crazy idea but I’ve already put one in my house, and we now sell them at our store. Alexa was everywhere, and that provided a path to the future using voice commands. You’ll soon be able to talk to your fridge, TV, oven, thermostat, and more.

Kid’s Play at CES 2017

An emerging area for CES 2017 is tech for kids. Even the rubber ducky has been advanced with technology. Edwin the Duck is an app-connected rubber ducky that works as a Bluetooth speaker, thermometer, nightlight, and learning device.

Edwin the Duck at CES 2017

Technology Will Save Us has do-it-yourself tech kits to engage kids in technology and learning. Kids can make their own fitness tracker, speaker, and game console. Look for these exciting products in stores soon.

Televisions Continue to Evolve

In 2016, the average TV size sold was 44” and the average home has 2.8 televisions.

My favorite product of CES was LG’s 77” wallpaper-thin TV. This changes what you think of when you think of a TV. At only 2.57 mm thick it’s thinner than an iPhone. The innovative sound bar also holds all the inputs, allowing for the TV to be super thin. At a price of nearly $12,000 you won’t find many people rushing to buy this yet.

In Conclusion

While CES 2017 was another ground breaking event for new tech I was amazed at how technology impacts every part of our life and makes our life better. From sensor technology that allows cars to drive themselves and eliminate road injuries and deaths to virtual reality that allows those who can’t move to travel the world, the possibilities are endless.


Ryan Lentz is the Store Manager for both Technology Powered by Smithville stores, located in Bloomington and French Lick. You can contact him at (812) 935-2272 or via email.

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