Dimension Mill exec talks Smithville internet/brand in Media Department video

Smithville Media recently produced a video highlighting the Dimension Mill and Executive Director Pat East.

“The Mill” is 19,000 square feet of coworking and business incubator space, allowing startups and small businesses to start and grow their brands. Located in the Trades District in downtown Bloomington, The Mill is a recently renovated 103-year-old building. Once a factory that housed a furniture manufacturing facility, the location is now a bustling technology-driven shared space of innovation, powered by Smithville internet.

As East explains in the video, Smithville supports The Mill in two extremely invaluable ways: with the best internet available and with brand recognition.

The first, gigabit speed internet on Indiana’s most reliable network, makes a collaborative, remote work environment possible. Since all of the members of The Mill are “knowledge workers” focused on getting their startups off the ground, internet connectivity is critical. With the uninterrupted connectivity Smithville provides, members don’t have to put resources in maintaining and fixing this business necessity.

“It is extremely important that we have the internet available literally 24/7,” East said. “Without having this anchor of really fast, reliable internet, I honestly don’t believe that we would have as many members as we do now.

“When you look at other spaces, they may not be designed as well, and while they may have fast and reliable internet, when you have the fastest and most reliable, it truly makes a difference.”

The second way Smithville has impacted The Mill involves our standing within the community, which East calls a form of “moral support.” According to East, Smithville’s status as a widely-known employer in the area and reputation of extensive community involvement, significantly elevates The Mill’s brand.

“Having Smithville’s moral support is a huge, huge win for us,” East said. “When we are embarking on a project like this it takes so many people and so much effort and energy. Without really great partners like Smithville, we couldn’t get our business up and running.”

With Smithville Media now providing video services to local businesses, having an audience of entrepreneurs looking to get startups off the ground in a facility that promotes our product and partnership is a big win for Smithville.

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Click here to learn more about Dimension Mill memberships and programs.

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