Fiber Gaming: Releasing Stress and Staying Connected

Nolan Penter sits in his house in front of his fiber gaming set up.

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From Super Mario to Overwatch, Nolan Penter loves gaming. He’s a senior police officer in the community, and in his free time he plays video games.

In his Smithville Fiber-powered home, Halo memorabilia line the shelves. You won’t find just one gaming set up, but three. Nolan, his son, and his fiancé and fellow police officer Jennifer are all gamers, and they enjoy playing together.

“Sometimes my son will be playing on the same Minecraft server as us upstairs but we’re both down here on our own Xboxes at the same time,” Nolan said.

Gaming gives Nolan time to unwind with his fiancé and catch up with friends online — not just about games, but life. “The communication aspect is what brings it together,” he said.

Video games not only help him connect with his family and friends, but they also provide essential stress release, especially as a police officer.

“Everyone has tons of things that happen in life … stress builds up, and life can be difficult at times. Video games are such an easily accessible and wonderful way to really push all those things out of your mind,” Nolan describes. They’re like “a little mini vacation in your living room.”

Nolan Gaming \- Image Update
Nolan, his son, and fiancé Jennifer enjoy playing video games together in their Ellettsville home powered by Smithville Fiber Internet.

Fiber gaming: the best internet for gamers

Nolan chose Smithville Fiber Internet three years ago when he moved into his current home. Before that, he’d never had fiber before, so he looked into the benefits of Smithville’s Fiber, especially for a gamer. With a dedicated connection providing 1,000 Mbps (1 Gig) symmetrical upload and download speeds, unlimited data, and local support, the choice was clear.

“Smithville Fiber Internet is fast, it’s reliable, it can do anything you need and keep up with anything you have going on,” Nolan said. 

They have two gaming consoles hardwired through an ethernet connection to Smithville’s Fiber Internet, and a third one connected wirelessly. Nolan and Jennifer have side-by-side gaming set-ups, including Xbox Series X consoles and their own TVs so they don’t have to play split screen. Beyond gaming, Fiber Internet supports their multiple smartphones, tablets and computers.

Nolan and Jennifer sit on their couch with gaming headsets on and controllers in-hand playing video games together.
Nolan and Jennifer relax and reconnect through gaming after serving the community as police officers.

Games have evolved over the years, requiring more and more bandwidth. Fiber supports fast download and upload speeds, making game play seamless without freezing or bogging down.

Nolan started gaming as a child, starting with the original Super Mario Bros., back when games required very little storage and memory. After Super Mario, Nolan moved on to more advanced games, keeping in step with new technology and more complex storylines.

“I fell in love with Halo. I played it on the original Xbox not long after it came out. … I played every Halo game that there is,” he said.

Top-level gaming

One of Nolan’s most significant gaming accomplishments is when he completed a tough achievement in Halo: Reach, beating the game solo on Legendary with skulls enabled. He had the opportunity to reach this difficult goal in 2011 while he was on deployment overseas.

It’s a little harder for Nolan to be a competitive gamer these days because it requires a lot of time. He balances life and gaming, dedicating his time to his career and family while continuing to play games like Overwatch. Gaming with Fiber Internet helps keep him connected.

“I would definitely recommend people getting Smithville Fiber,” Nolan said. “The convenience it can bring to your life, even if you’re not a heavy gamer — not having your service drop, being able to get anything done you need to. You don’t have to worry about who all’s connected to the internet at the same time. It’s reliable, it’s fast, it’s going to get the job done.”

Watch the video to hear Nolan’s perspective on staying connected to friends and family through gaming with Fast Fiber Internet.

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