Get The Most Out of Your Cameras


Cameras are great for keeping you connected to your home and alerting you to the events you care about most. They can alert you to package deliveries, let you know when the kids get home from school, and even alert you to suspicious actively. 

 Here are five tips to follow when selecting cameras for your home:

  • Make Sure They Are Secure
    • Many camera brands cut corners when it comes to encryption and cybersecurity which could put your safety and privacy at risk. It’s important to select cameras from a reputable company that is using high security standards, so the privacy of your family is not compromised.
  • Make Sure Your Cameras Have an App
    • An app allows you to watch your cameras from anywhere so you can always stay connected. Many cameras offer cloud storage via their app making it easy to review events you may have missed.
  • Know How Your Cameras Will Be Powered
    • Many DIY brands offer battery powered cameras. It’s important to remember that battery powered cameras require frequent battery replacements and that may pose an additional risk of a fall or injury. We recommend purchasing cameras that plug into your home, so you won’t have to worry about batteries or increasing the risk of inquiry.
  • Consider Your Storage Needs
    • Before purchasing cameras, you’ll want to consider how long you’ll need to save video clips and how you’d like to retrieve footage. Some cameras record to a cloud service while others utilize an onsite recorder. Considering your storage options will ensure your video clips will always be there when you need them.
  • Utilize a Pro
    • A Smithville Smart Home Pro can help you design and install the perfect camera solution for your home. Our app and cameras work perfectly with our Smart Home Security, so you’re always connected to your home.

Contact a Smithville Smart Home Pro for additional tips on keeping your home safe, comfortable, and under control.

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