Hold, Please

You know the rigmarole…

“Please hold. Your call is very important to us…” Cue the twangy off-key music. There is nothing more irritating than needing immediate service and being placed on hold, unsure when or IF anyone will pick up to address your problem.

If your call is so important, why are you on hold?

Average Hold Times

Did you know the average person spends 1.2 years on hold over their lifetime?

The help website, GetHuman, offers the contact numbers and strategies for speaking with a human for many larger companies. The average wait times are listed for several national telecommunication firms (as of mid-May 2016). They include:

Company Wait Times

AT&T: 13 minutes

Comcast: 29 minutes

DirecTV:  8 minutes

Hold time expectations are notoriously grim in the communication industry. Rather than waiting online, many customers hang up or try their hand at self-help, looking for solutions online. Unanswered phone calls are practically cliché for cable, television, and phone companies.

When You Call Smithville

One of the consistent comments we get at Smithville is the speed, efficiency, and friendliness of our customer service. You won’t be bounced to a call center on another continent. Instead you will speak with a local, knowledgeable support person who can address your problem immediately.

And, you may ask, how fast is “immediately”?
At Smithville, we answer our calls off from hold in 13 seconds. Not 13 minutes.
Of course, there is the occasional exception. But the average time to reach a live human being at Smithville is 13 seconds. Really.
That’s pretty fast.

Smithville Fiber is proud to employ Hoosiers helping Hoosiers. Quick and local service is just another reason to Switch to Smithville.

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