Less downtime. More playtime.

Four words. They mean a lot. Since 2008, when Smithville secured financing for fiber expansion, we took on an ambitious goal. We saw the incredible short- and long-term impact that fiber could have on communities, on businesses, on individual lives. With many decades of hands-on work with our legacy communications systems (much of which is still working well beyond the limits for which it was originally designed), we saw that the future of communications was fiber-based.

What does that mean for you?

We set out back then on what has now become a $100 million project. We knew what a fiber platform would mean for our customers and for Hoosiers. So we began converting to a fiber platform. Now, some 2,500 miles of fiber later, Smithville has the privilege of introducing true Gigabit symmetrical fiber-based Internet – 1,000 mbps up and down – in the state of Indiana. We’re in the process of building Indiana’s first true GigaCity in Jasper, and we’re taking this latest fiber GigaCity technology to places like the Blue Ridge neighborhood in Bloomington. More will be coming.

Fiber means a lot to the state and to our customers. It brings many advantages. That’s why with Smithville Fiber, we can lay claim to the statement: “Less downtime. More playtime.” If you have fiber-based high-speed Internet at work, you can probably get more done in a day. If you have reliable Smithville fiber at home or at work, you have less downtime. That means you have more playtime, time to do things that you want to do.

That’s why many say that the “killer outcome” of fiber is more time. Time to work productively. Time to get things done with less frustration. Time to have fun online with your kids. Time to run home applications that improve your life. Perhaps most important of all: more playtime.

If you’re not yet a Smithville Fiber customer, we hope you’ll think about it. If you’re already a Smithville customer, we thank you.

I personally invite you to come back to this space regularly for more information. Thanks for visiting.

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