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This online resources sheet serves as a toolkit for enhancing your digital experience. From improving your writing skills to streamlining your job search, these tools offer a range of benefits to excel in various online tasks. These resources can help make your online journey more productive and convenient.

Job sites

In addition to LinkedIn, there are several other job-searching websites. These websites are trusted by both job seekers and employers. Here are some popular sites:

Indeed: This is one of the largest job search websites in the world. It aggregates job listings from company websites, job boards, and other sources. It offers a wide range of job listings across industries and locations. To use Indeed, click here.

Glassdoor: In addition to providing job listings, Glassdoor also offers company reviews, salary information, and insights into company culture. This provides job seekers with a comprehensive view of potential employers. To use Glassdoor, click here.

Monster: In addition to job opportunities, this long-established site also provides career advice and resources to help job seekers with their search. To use Monster, click here.


Grammarly is a widely used online writing tool and grammar checker. Students, professionals, and writers use it as a tool to improve the quality and correctness of their written content. It can be used as a web-based application, browser extension, or desktop application. It can also be integrated with applications with text fields, such as Gmail or Facebook, to make writing suggestions in real time.

Grammarly has both a free and premium version. The free version can identify and correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, and style mistakes. It can also improve the clarity and conciseness of written content by identifying wordy or unclear sentences. To use Grammarly, click here.

Google Translate

Google Translate is a free online translation service designed to help users translate text, documents, and websites from one language to another. It also has a conversation mode that allows two people to have a conversation while the app translates the dialogue back and forth. It supports a wide range of languages and can be accessed through a browser or a mobile app on both Android and iOS devices. To use Google Translate, click here.


Speedtest is an online application that measures the speed and performance of an Internet connection. It is used to check the upload and download speeds and the latency of a connection. This enables individuals to assess the quality of their connection, diagnose issues, and confirm they’re receiving the speeds promised by their providers. To use Speedtest, click here.


LastPass is a password management and password storage service. It provides users with a secure and convenient way to store and manage passwords, credit card details, secure notes, and other personal information. It is designed to improve an individual’s online security and simplify the process of managing multiple login credentials. To use LastPass, click here.

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