Putting the Connected Home Together…


If you’re like most people, you care deeply about your family and what’s going on at home. There is a growing demand for internet connected devices that allow us to monitor and control what’s happening around the house. In fact, according to research conducted by Parks and Associates, the average US broadband household has more than 16 internet connected devices in their home. Even more staggering is 41% of those households report owning at least one “Smart Home” device. Smart devices are great for keeping us in the know and allowing us to control what’s happening around the house. Many customers, however, quickly become overwhelmed by the number of apps they need in order to control their home and the lack of connection they get from dozens of apps that don’t work together. The Total Connect app from Smithville works to bring these devices together into a unified place making it easy to truly monitor and control your home.

Here are 5 ways Total Connect is helping put the connected home together.

  1. Safety and Security: Whether there’s a fire emergency or a detected intruder, we all want to know when there is a safety threat detected at home. Total Connect works alongside our in-home touchscreen to monitor for issues and alert you the second a threat is detected. With 24/7 professional monitoring even if you miss the alert, first responders will be dispatched to help.  
  2. Notifications: Whatever the situation, Total Connect makes it easy to receive alerts about the events that matter to you. You can get an alert when the kids get home, receive an alert if a cabinet or “off-limits” area is opened, be alerted when the temperature gets too hot or cold, receive an alert when the door is unlocked or opened, and be alerted the moment a water leak is detected. With Total Connect it’s easy to monitor what’s happening around the house.
  3. Video Surveillance: Aside from knowing what happen, often we want to see what happened. Total Connect makes it easy to keep an eye on your home with indoor and outdoor camera options. Total Connect will send you notification if your cameras detect motion or sound and will save video clips up to 30 days so you can review past activity.
  4. Smart Home Integration: Total Connect works seamlessly with many smart home products allowing it to integrate into your home’s existing environment. Total Connect works with popular voice services like Alexa and Google Assistant allowing you to command your home with your voice. Total Connect also works with MyQ enabled garage doors, Brilliant Smart Home Systems, smart door locks, smart lights, smart thermostats, and more.
  5. Scenes and Automation: The true power of Total Connect is seen when it’s able to bring all of these benefits together through scenes and home automation. For example, say a fire is detected at home. Total Connect will send you and first responders immediate notification, you’ll be able to see what’s happening through your cameras, your door lock can automatically be unlocked so the fire department can easily enter the home, your lights can automatically turn on making it easier to see through the smoke, and your thermostat can turn off so you aren’t feeding the fire with fresh air. With Total Connect, all of this can happen automatically giving you the ultimate peace of mind that your home is safe, comfortable, and under control.
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