Rural Indiana Internet: Living in the Country and Connecting to the World

Chelsea Moss lives in rural Monroe County with her husband and 5-year-old daughter. As a civil engineer, Chelsea runs a consulting firm out of her home office. Her job is mostly computer-based and she works with extremely large files that she needs to download and upload routinely. For Chelsea, fast rural Indiana internet is essential — and so is family.

“I’ve lived in the area pretty much my entire life,” Chelsea said. After graduating as the valedictorian of her class at Edgewood High School, she moved to Terre Haute to attend college. But she ultimately chose to come back to the area because she wanted her daughter to grow up in the country near family as she did.

Moving back to the country, there are few utilities out in her neck of the woods — no gas, sewer, or water. However, Smithville recently upgraded the DSL in her area with new E3 technology, dramatically improving her internet speed.

“When you get the E3 upgrade, it’s a world of difference in how everything functions,” Chelsea said. She explained that historically her area is the last to receive utility upgrades last, so she wasn’t expecting the update. “This E3 upgrade has really given us an early upgrade to things that we normally wouldn’t have seen.”


Chelsea runs a consulting firm from her home office, so reliable internet is crucial.

While Smithville has connected many rural Indiana homes and businesses with fast Fiber Internet, there are still some customers with our DSL service. With the cost and time it takes to convert DSL to Fiber, we want to continue helping our DSL customers get a better internet experience with E3 technology.

Gary Meese, a central office engineer at Smithville, explains: “The E3 is a data and voice platform that actually gets the equipment closer to the subscriber’s home.” Reducing the distance the signal has to travel over copper DSL lines improves internet speeds, which makes life easier for customers.


E3 Technology increases DSL internet speeds by reducing the distance over copper wire.

“When I set up my business I decided to do all of my document storage via the cloud. So all of my documents are constantly uploading and downloading as I’m working on them on a daily basis,” said Chelsea. Before the upgrade, the instantaneous sync of files wasn’t possible.

After the E3 upgrade, Chelsea noticed an immediate improvement. “We’re on the internet all the time, so we saw it right away,” she said. One day she was working in the home office alongside her father who lives next door, when he noticed the sudden increase in internet speed and capabilities.

Now, Chelsea can work much easier. She can instantaneously sync large files and move between her two home offices without hassle. The improved speeds allow her to download files without notifying the entire family to stay off the internet. 

“For our family, the E3 upgrade has made technology and life work so much smoother,” Chelsea said.

Another person who noticed the improvement was Chelsea’s daughter. She can now play games and stream shows on her iPad without frustrating interruptions, which is a very big deal to a 5-year-old — and is a lifesaver for a working mother.

The E3 upgrade supports running multiple devices, so Chelsea’s family members can simultaneously use the internet with ease. Additionally, the family saw big improvements in the function of their smart home devices, including the video doorbell. And when Chelsea is finished with her work, she can stream a movie with her family without buffering or pausing.

“We live out in the country and spend a lot of our evenings and weekends at home,” Chelsea said. “We like being home.” Far off the beaten path, she has roots in this lovely land and extended family nearby. 


Chelsea lives in rural Indiana but stays connected with Smithville.

At Smithville, we understand the importance of being connected, no matter where you are. That’s why we are committed to enriching our customers’ lives across Indiana and supporting families from the city to the countryside.

“There are plans to roll out more E3s to existing customers to increase their data speeds until we can get fiber to those areas,” said Gary. Smithville will notify DSL customers who will be impacted by the E3 upgrades as they roll out.

To see if there’s Fiber or DSL internet available in your area, browse our interactive Fiber Build Map.

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