Smart Homes and Senior Independence


According to a recent AARP study, Smart Home adoption amongst seniors has doubled since 2019. As many as 1 in 4 seniors are now using Smart Home technology to enhance their independence and improve their quality of life at home.

Here are 5 ways Smithville Smart Home Security is helping seniors age in place:

  • Professional Monitoring:

From dispatching first-responders when a fire or carbon monoxide threat is detected, to requesting help during a fall or medical emergency, professional monitoring services work around-the-clock to ensure you, your family, and your home are always protected.

  • Voice Assistance:

Voice assistance are one of the most popular Smart Home devices used by seniors. Smithville Smart Home Security offers a built-in Amazon Alexia voice assistant to help with tasks throughout the day. Ask it to set a kitchen timer, tell you the latest sports score, lookup your favorite recipe, or even turn on a light.

  • Real Time Awareness:

Get up-to-the-moment alerts to the events you care about most. Smart Home Security can let you see who is at the front door, alert you when a medicine cabinet door is opened, or even tell you when there is a water leak in the basement. Now you’ll always be in the know and be able to act on the events that matter to you.

  • Smart Home Control:

Easily control devices like door locks, thermostats, garage doors, and lights from our easy-to-use app and in-home touchscreen. You can automate your comfort settings to keep your home, “just the way you like” it or even automate your safety to help you during emergencies. For example, if a medical button is pressed, you can have the lights turn on, the front door unlock, and even alert caregivers that you need help. Smart Home Security gives you independence and control right at your fingertips.  

  • Peace-of-Mind:

Whatever your age, with Smithville Smart Home Security you get the ultimate peace-of-mind tailored to your needs. Whether you want to be alerted to events happening around the house, contact first-responders during an emergency, have Alexa remind you to water the plants, or just want an easy and secure way to control your Smart Home devices; Smithville Smart Home Security offers it all.

Contact a Smithville Smart Home Pro for additional tips on keeping your home safe, comfortable, and under control.

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