Smithville Helps Local Middle School Students Produce Videos


Earlier this fall, Smithville Media Production Manager Rob Ramsey volunteered to help Edgewood Junior High STEAM students produce a set of videos for the Ellettsville Chamber of Commerce. The group worked on the videos to show at the Chamber’s annual awards ceremony.

At the time, Ramsey gave the students a two-hour crash course in media production to help make the upcoming project successful. Ramsey kept in touch and continued to help during the editing process.

The resulting work from the students made Ramsey proud, saying “Considering this is their first go-round, they did pretty well. For being seventh and eighth graders, they did good work. I’m very proud of what they did.”

Reports from the event itself were also positive. The students who participated attended the event, watching from a separate room due to covid protocols. As a thank you, the kids were treated to a pizza party.

You can see the final result on their YouTube channel. We’re looking forward to seeing how they use their new media skills in the future!

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