Smithville Spotlight – Jim T., Maintenance Assistant


Jim T., Maintenance Assistant, is well known around Smithville. In his role he is able to work on maintenance requests across all Smithville locations, helping out wherever needed. Smithville employees love seeing him around, and his presence always brings a smile to their faces.

Before we learned more about Jim, we asked him some very important questions:

    • Hometown: Ellettsville, IN
    • Favorite TV Show: The 3 Stooges
    • Favorite Movie: Caddy Shack
    • Favorite Food: Spam! And of course, spaghetti and steak
    • What he likes to do in free time: Golf and play drums
    • Dream vacation destination: Other than Gosport, Hawaii of course!
    • Favorite quote: “If you’re not the lead dog the scenery never changes”


Jim joined Smithville nine years ago. He had a background helping with maintenance, and the position at Smithville was a perfect fit, allowing him to help others. “My day goes very fast with preventative maintenance and maintaining facilities and grounds and helping people in need.”

Helping others is in Jim’s nature, and working together as a team is what motivates him each day. “I love being able to work with all types individuals in every department. I think people may not realize just how professional and courteous we are as a company and individually.”

Working at Smithville has offered many rewards for Jim. “All of the benefits offered and vacation time is great, but most of all the people I have the opportunity to work with is a huge reward.” He also has been able to expand his knowledge and skills of maintenance issues while working these past nine years.

As Jim travels to Smithville locations across the state, including Sharpsville, French Lick, Jasper, and Griffin, he logs a lot of miles. At Smithville’s annual Night of Champions in 2018 he was honored as the 2018 Safety Champion. He traveled the most miles of anyone in the company and had a stellar safety and speed record. His attention to detail and the safety of himself, coworkers, and customers led him to receive the coveted Smithville gold cone award, one of our signature orange cones placed outside vehicles for safety spray painted gold.

When asked to describe his time here at Smithville in three words, he said “rewarding, exciting, and fulfilling.” His coworkers would agree, and they look forward to seeing him at one of our many locations whenever he stops by.

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