Smithville Spotlight, Paige T., French Lick Customer Service


Paige T. has been with Smithville for 16 years. She’s seen a lot of change in technology and service quality during her time here, but her dedication to customers has remained the same.

Before we learned about her role at Smithville, we asked some hard-hitting questions to get to know her better:

    • Hometown: Bedford, BNL High School
    • Favorite TV Show: WandaVision, The Mandalorian
    • Favorite Movie: Lord of the Rings trilogy, anything Marvel or Star Wars
    • Favorite Food: Lasagna
    • What She Likes to do in Free Time: Visit Walt Disney World with her husband and kids
    • Dream Vacation Destination: Tokyo Disney, Ireland, and Australia
    • Favorite Quote: “Laughter is timeless. Imagination has no age. And dreams are forever.” -Walt Disney

Paige joined Smithville as a Customer Service Representative in 2005. She was one of three staff members to open a customer service location in French Lick. With roots in the area, she enjoyed serving customers in the community. “Helping transition customers to fiber has been very rewarding and seeing the change in technology through the years has been interesting. I enjoy talking to customers and being a part of the French Lick community.”

In early 2019 Paige was promoted to the Customer Service Representative II role, which offered new challenges and opportunities to assist small and medium businesses. A normal workday for Paige involves answering calls to start new service, making changes to existing services, addressing billing questions, and anything else required to provide a great experience for customers.

There are some things she thinks people would be surprised to learn about her role at Smithville. “I don’t think people know how much training and knowledge is required in Customer Service. With different service types, options, technology, and technical information, it’s a lot to learn. We also take a large volume of calls each day with customers across the state. We all really enjoy serving our customers and work hard to make it a good experience for them.”

When asked to describe her time at Smithville in three words, Paige said “excitement, challenge, and growth.” We’re excited to see her continue to rise to the challenge and provide excellent customer service.

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