Smithville Spotlight: Ryan B., Help Desk Technician


Ryan B.’s connection to Smithville began when he was in elementary school while using our internet. He was able to play games and watch movies while staying in touch with friends online. His knowledge of the service Smithville provided prompted him to apply for an open position, and that has led to advancement opportunities and career development.

Before we learned about his experience and journey to Smithville, we took some time to learn more about Ryan:

    • Hometown: Bloomington, 2015 graduate of Edgewood High School
    • Favorite TV Show: Psych
    • Favorite Movie: Unsure, but of recent movies Knives Out
    • Favorite Food: Wings
    • Favorite Free Time Activity: PC gaming
    • Dream Vacation Destination: Osaka Japan
    • Favorite Quote: “A diamond is merely a lump of coal that did well under pressure.” -Unknown


Ryan joined Smithville as a Customer Service Representative in 2018, where he learned all about Smithville services and our dedication to providing an excellent customer experience. When an opportunity opened in the Corporate Information Technology department six months later, he jumped at the chance. Although he didn’t have prior experience, he felt supported and motivated by the trust others had in him. “Coming from a background with no IT experience, it was a monumental achievement for me to be able to pursue my career with the backing of Smithville. I don’t think I would have been able to get into anywhere else with my experience. I believe that Smithville really saw the potential in me and decided to invest in my abilities and that has to be the best feeling to have from your employer.” Ryan has been able to utilize his customer service skills to help internal customers while learning more and more about the technology field each day.

A normal day for Ryan involves helping employees with technology issues. He helps troubleshoot computers, desk phones, cell phones, printers, and all other technology. It’s important that our technology works so employees can take care of customers, and that’s not lost on Ryan. “My position is relied upon daily to enable the workers of Smithville to do their jobs. I take pride in that responsibility and put it towards my job every day.”

The culture at Smithville is something important to Ryan, and something he hasn’t seen anywhere else. There’s a common goal of serving customers as we’re a part of their community. “I have worked in a place where the only goal is to make money and the company could not care less about the customer. It is disheartening to see how common that is in business these days. But Smithville really does care about their customers and strives to provide only the best.”

Part of the culture involves things that go above and beyond daily job duties. These things include company events, contests, and policy changes from one of Smithville’s three teams. Our Culture Team works to make change to make work better, Smithville Engaged works to unite employees from all areas through events and charitable initiatives, and Smithville Strong works to ensure employees are healthy and well. “Smithville spends a lot of time and money trying to bring people together to have a good time, both inside and outside of work. They have events with the intent of forgetting about work and being friends. Things like the Night of Champions award dinner and Fun in the Sun company picnic. I think the focus on culture and employee morale is extremely important. And judging by the way Smithville approaches it, I can say they feel the same.”

That culture has helped make employees comfortable communicating with each other and ensured everyone is working towards the same goal. “Being able to talk and communicate on the same level with everyone in the company, whether they are a technician, receptionist, accountant, or executive makes everyone more motivated to work together and keep doing their best. We have a common goal throughout the company, and instead of being tons of small groups working for themselves, we are one big group working together.”

Through making sure employees have the technology they need to serve customers, Ryan is an integral part of the team. He’s focused and determined on learning and growing with Smithville. “I am now focusing on a career path in the IT field and it is thanks to the flexibility and investment Smithville has in its employees.”

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