Smithville Spotlight: Tiffany A., Scheduler


When asked to describe her time here at Smithville in three words, Tiffany A., Scheduler, replied “educational, rewarding, exciting.” Since joining the Smithville team in 2019 she’s learned so much about our service and installation process and has a passion for providing a great customer experience.

Before we learned about her role at Smithville, we asked some hard-hitting questions to get to know her better:

    • Hometown: Lawrenceville, Georgia (raised in Spencer, Indiana)
    • Favorite TV Show: Probably a tie between Schitt’s Creek and What We Do in the Shadows
    • Favorite Movie: Not a movie exactly, but I love the Planet Earth documentaries
    • Favorite Food: Sushi
    • What she likes to do in free time: Compose music, play guitar, hang out with my son and husband
    • Dream vacation destination: Ireland
    • Favorite quotes: “To achieve great things two things are needed: a plan, and not quite enough time.” -Leonard Bernstein and “I can’t understand why people are frightened of new ideas. I’m frightened of the old ones.” -John Cage


As part of our Scheduling team, Tiffany plays a critical role for our customers and makes sure service gets installed accurately and in a timely manner. It’s much more than scheduling a time, though. The Scheduling team takes an order for service and makes sure all steps are required and in place to get customers connected. “My day is a mixture of inbound and outbound calls. In both instances, I am determining what needs done to get a customer set up with service. Duties range from scheduling customers, assisting technicians, talking with the supervisors, answering all emails, and projects assigned by our supervisor related to information gathering, updating information, and various orders and tickets.” The work of taking an order and making sure it gets installed correctly is a large task that requires a lot of knowledge. “Most people would be surprised by the amount of knowledge that is required to work here. We have to be very informed about the technology and installation process.”

Tiffany’s time at Smithville has been rewarding and has offered the opportunity to learn new skills. Working on new projects and processes have been welcome challenges. “The most rewarding thing since joining Smithville has been helping train my team on new software and projects. I have worked with my supervisor to implement new processes for providing services to renters and I was able to create the process and means to get that started.”

Tiffany appreciates the opportunities available at Smithville for growth, and that’s one of the big reasons she joined the team. “I feel like I can grow at Smithville. Many of my other jobs did not give opportunities for movement to different positions. You could go slightly upward but staying in the exact same role but with more responsibility. At Smithville, I feel like I can move into other departmental roles and find my best fit. Also, the company environment is much more friendly and family like. I feel like I am a valued member of the Smithville team.”

We’re looking forward to Tiffany’s future growth at Smithville and know that customers appreciate her hard work. She said it best when describing her passion for being at Smithville:  “My favorite part of working here is feeling like I have the ability to make positive change within and outside Smithville.”

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