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If you live in Bedford, you’ve probably heard the name “Jeff Callahan” at one time or another. From attending Bedford-North Lawrence High School, playing for the Stars, becoming the head baseball coach, to serving as the Athletic Director—he has been a prominent member of the community for years, and a friend to everyone, including Travis Enochs. Now, he is one of our first multi-gigabit customers.

Travis Enochs, a Smithville Telecom Technician, installed multi-gigabit Fiber Internet for his former coach Jeff Callahan.

Travis, a Smithville Telecom Technician, was a student-athlete during his time at Bedford-North Lawrence High School. His coach? Jeff Callahan.

Travis has recently been installing Fiber Internet in the city he calls home—Bedford, Indiana. Smithville announced our expansion to Bedford in early November, offering multi-gigabit-capable residential Fiber Internet. This project is a milestone for the company, as these are the fastest speeds we’ve ever offered to our residential customers.

When we asked Travis if he knew anyone from the area who might be interested in being our first multi-gigabit Fiber Internet customers, the Callahan family came to mind. We live where we serve, so we have firsthand experience of how our solutions enrich the lives of the people in our communities. Without hesitation, Travis knocked on the door of their home and shared about Smithville.

“Travis has a connection with Jeff from the past, so we trusted him,” said Paige Callahan, Jeff’s Wife.

Connecting in the community and online

The Callahan family was excited to try our multi-gigabit Fiber Internet for a variety of reasons. After experiencing connectivity issues with their previous provider, they needed something more reliable and capable of handling their bandwidth needs. Both Jeff and Paige work from home a few days a week. Paige mentioned that she was experiencing issues accessing her files at home. Oftentimes, she had to step away from her computer while the files were uploading and downloading. Our Fast Fiber Internet offers symmetrical upload and download speeds, making remote work a breeze.

They weren’t having much luck on the entertainment side of things either. Jeff and Paige have three children. When they are all home at the same time, they often experience connection issues. “Our kids would be the first ones to say that they are tired of the buffering,” Paige said, “This is hopefully going to take care of that.”

Our multi-gigabit Internet solution is perfect for households with multiple devices running simultaneously on the same network. The Callahan family can experience peace of mind knowing that their connection can handle bandwidth-intensive tasks such as online gaming, streaming, and working from home.

“Everyone is always looking for a great service and a great product, which is what you’re bringing here,” Jeff said.

We wanted to show our appreciation to Jeff and Paige for being our first multi-gigabit customers. Jeff has invested in the student-athletes at Bedford-North Lawrence High School for over 30 years, so it was only appropriate to gift them something that reflected this dedication. Now, they can add a basketball signed by Indiana University Men’s Basketball Coach Mike Woodson to the sports-themed memorabilia that lines their walls.

For more information about our residential Fiber expansion project in Bedford, click here.

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