Tips to Help Take Control of Your Home’s Water This Winter

Winter house

As long as your home’s plumbing works, you probably have no reason to think about it. But with freezing temperatures setting in across Indiana, frozen pipes can be a serious and costly issue for homeowners. That’s why homeowners should take a preventative approach and know what to do at the first signs of trouble.


Overall, you’ll want to inspect your home – inside and out—when the forecast calls for freezing temps. If you find a problem, call a professional to help you get in front of any freezing pipes.

One of the best ways to help avoid a catastrophic water incident inside your home is to get a professionally installed and monitored Water Leak & Freeze Detector from Smithville. It can send urgent alerts to your phone when the temperature near your pipes gets in the danger zone allowing you to act quickly to avoid issues. Other preventative measures you can take include:

  1. Open any cupboard doors under your kitchen or bathroom sink to let the warm air inside your home circulate and keep the water pipes warmer – this is especially important when that plumbing is located on an outside wall.
  2. Let warm water slightly drip from your tap to keep the pipes warm especially on cold nights.
  3. Wrap insulation around your water pipes.
  4. Check valves, the water meter, joints and any other water connections for leaks.
  5. Monitor the water pressure in your home. If it’s higher than normal, check the installation points of entry for signs of a problem.

Contact a Smithville Smart Home Pro for additional tips on keeping your home safe, comfortable, and under control.

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