Top Places to Visit in Jasper, Indiana

The city of Jasper, named one of America’s 25 Best Small Towns, lies in the heart of scenic southern Indiana. Renowned as the “Wood Capital of the World,” Jasper serves as the hub for the production of wooden furniture, cabinets, and other related products. The city also boasts a diverse industrial landscape, with companies spanning automotive, machinery, and other sectors. The town proudly embraces its German heritage, which is celebrated during its annual Strassenfest and at local restaurants. This festival pays homage to its German roots with music, cuisine, and parades.

In addition to its cultural and industrial history, Jasper is also home to Indiana’s first GigaCity. In 2015, the city of Jasper selected Smithville to provide all Jasper residents with Smithville’s Fast Fiber Internet service. Jasper exudes Midwestern hospitality and is a beloved destination for those seeking small-town charm with modern amenities and many places to visit.

Must-see attractions in Jasper

Dubois County Museum

Established in 1999, the Dubois County Museum is a vibrant tribute to the community’s agricultural, industrial, and cultural history. The museum takes visitors on a journey through time, with displays that highlight the region’s German heritage and exhibits that detail the impact of industries like furniture and coal mining. Visitors can look through a diverse collection of photographs and other artifacts that provide a comprehensive understanding of the region’s past.

Jasper City Mill

Nestled in the “Old Jasper” area, the Jasper City Mill was completed in 2009 and stands as the third iteration of milling operations to occupy the historic site. Spanning over 2,000 feet, it incorporates features from the previous mills, including a water-powered wheel and grindstones. Beyond its historical significance, it is a fully operational grist mill, grinding corn and making cornmeal to sell in its country store. Visitors can explore the memorabilia from the previous mills, including artifacts from the original mill that young Abraham Lincoln visited with his father in 1828.

Spirit of Jasper Train

All aboard! In an effort to increase tourism to the Old Jasper area, the ROJAC set out to bring a tourist train to Jasper—the Spirit of Jasper train. Each vintage locomotive and passenger car that make up the train have unique stories in themselves, with one originally built for the Milwaukee Railroad and another that served as a military hospital car. These cars were restored and refurbished by many members of the community, local corporations, and businesses. During the excursion, passengers can enjoy the area’s finest food, beer, wine, and scenery. Plus, this train passes by a few of the top places to visit in Jasper that are listed in this article.

Indiana Baseball Hall of Fame

Established in 1991, the Indiana Baseball Hall of Fame is dedicated to the sport of baseball and its Indiana heroes. The hall showcases memorabilia from high school, collegiate, and professional athletes throughout the Hoosier state. With its collection of uniforms, bats, signed baseballs, and other artifacts—the exhibits offer a glimpse into Indiana’s baseball history. Visitors can engage with interactive displays, including the “You Make the Call” attraction where you can test your umpiring skills. The Indiana Baseball Hall of Fame is truly a hidden gem for baseball fans and history enthusiasts alike.

Jasper Riverwalk/Dave Buehler Plaza

Completed in 2000, the Jasper Riverwalk extends over a two-mile stretch along the Patoka River. This scenic pathway is a local favorite for nature walks, exercise, and even private events such as birthday parties. The plaza/park area has shelter houses, fishing spots, boat access, playgrounds, and horseshoe pits. It is definitely one of the top places to visit in Jasper when you need some fresh air.

Places to eat in Jasper


Established in 1971, Schnitzelbank is a restaurant that brings the tastes of Germany to Southern Indiana. The menu features classic German dishes such as schnitzel, sauerbraten, various types of potatoes, and giant German Bavarian Pretzels. The restaurant incorporates local ingredients to create a blend of German flavors with a hint of regional influence. The experience is complete with a cozy Bavarian-style ambiance, German-themed décor, and live music.


Snaps is a full-service bar and restaurant located in downtown Jasper. It stands within the walls of a historic tavern where people have been gathering since 1872. Visitors can enjoy a selection of steaks, seafood, and classic American fare. As a restaurant located in southern Indiana, one item that stands out on the menu is the alligator. Whether it is eaten as hand-breaded bites or added to a salad, it is definitely something to try.  

Chocolate Bliss & Kitchen Essentials

Nestled in the square of Downtown Jasper, Chocolate Bliss & Kitchen Essentials has been providing treats for the community since 2005. From its start as a chocolate shop, it has evolved into a store with the latest kitchen tools as well. This gives it the nostalgia of an old-time candy store with modern flair. Visitors can choose from a variety of treats, including rich buttery caramels, chocolate-covered berries, olive oils, coffees, balsamic, and more.

Thank you Chocolate Bliss & Kitchen Essentials, Schnitzelbank, and Spirit of Jasper for choosing Smithville!

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