Your home is talking…Are you listening?


Your home is a complex network of systems. From your HVAC system, to electric, water, and home security, your home has a lot of information to share that could save you money and help you avoid a catastrophe. The issue? There hasn’t been a way to tell you…until now. In this issue, we highlight the four main categories that make up a Smart Home and discuss how a Smart Home system can help keep you informed and make your home a safer, more comfortable, place to live.


Did I forget to lock the door? Is my garage door closed? Did my important package arrive? Did Suzie get home safe? I wonder what my pets are doing. Is there a security threat at home?

We all live busy lives and staying connected to your home and family can sometimes seem like a struggle. Luckily, with today’s technology, the difference between wondering what’s happening at home and knowing what’s happening is a smartphone app away.

With the Total Connect 2.0 app offered by Smithville you can get important notifications sent directly to your smartphone allowing you to take action quickly and know what’s going on at home. Now you don’t have to wonder if you forgot to close the garage door or worry about Suzie getting home from school. With Total Connect, the information is at your figure tips allowing you to make smart decisions that improve the safety and wellbeing of your home and family. 


Having the ability to control devices around your home like thermostats, lights, locks, and garage doors has been around for a while. Typically, these are sold as separate systems with several apps. What if these systems could all tie together to create a unified experience? With Total Connect 2.0 it can…

Total Connect 2.0 ties all your devices together allowing you to control your whole home from a signal app. Total Connect even makes your devices smarter because now they can work together. For example, say your smoke detector goes off. Your smart home system can unlock the door to let the fire department in, turn on the lights allowing you to see in the smoke, shut off your thermostat so you are not feeding the fire with fresh air, and notify the fire department and your family to danger. 

No need to rush home, with Total Connect you have full control of your home from anywhere. You have the ability to automate your home so lights, locks, thermostats, and other smart devices can work together and adapt to your schedule so you can keep your home just how you like it.

Life Safety 

Life safety equipment such as smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, medical alert pendants, and water leak sensors are designed to alert you and/or the authorities to events that threaten the life of your family and pets. These devices are professionally monitored 24/7/365 so you and the authorities can take action quickly to mitigate the threat.

Smart Home systems not only keep an eye on threats from fire, carbon monoxide, and water leaks but they may also help you save money on your home insurance. Insurance agents know that having your home professionally monitored reduces their risk and many times they are willing to pass on these savings to you.


Security equipment is designed to alert you and/or the authorities to security threats from burglaries and other events happening around your home. With professional security monitoring, Smart Home systems are designed to alert you and the authorities to these threats so your family and property stay safe and protected.

Putting it all together with a Pro

Your home is a complex place. Let the Pros at Smithville help you design and install the perfect Smart Home system for your home. Our robust smart home packages our designed to tie all four of these categories together to create an all-in-one smart home solution for your family. In one system, your home can be professionally monitored against life safety and security threats, you can access a wealth of information and alerts that keep you informed, and you have a way to manage and control your home from anywhere through one easy to use app.

The best part, these systems are affordable, and for a very limited time we are making it even more affordable by offering free installation and starting equipment* on our popular Smart Home security package! Just mention promo code June Newsletterwhen you call. 

Worried about having people in your home due to COVID-19? No worries! We’ve developed a unique approach that allows you to get all the benefits of professional design and installation without any physical contact with people in your home.

Call us today at 800-742-4084 or visit us online at SmithvilleSecurity.com and let us help build the perfect Smart Home solution for you.

*For new customers only. Free installation and equipment on our “Pro Security Starter Package”. Additional equipment sold separately. Requires “Smart Home Security” subscription with 5-yr monitoring agreement. 

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