Conference Calling

For a low per minute per participant rate, turn any room into a conference room.

Sign up to receive your dedicated Conference ID Number and customized Administrative Access Code giving you 24/7 access to secure, reservationless Conference Calling from Smithville as well as:

  • Permanent local and toll free dial-in numbers—just ten cents per minute for local and toll-free
  • Free conference call web portal so you can manage your calls online in “real time”
  • Secure and private conferences
  • Unlimited conferences—use as much as you need and only pay for what you use
  • Unlimited minutes—no time limit per call and no monthly caps
  • Recording services available for $19.95/month.
  • Save recordings for 30 days- unlimited playback and downloads of recorded calls
  • No special equipment or connections required- any phone line will work

Call a Smithville Business Representative to sign up at (812) 876-2211 or toll free at (800) 742-4084.

Already a Conference Calling Customer?

Our direct dial-in conference number is: (812) 876-0102

Our toll free dial-in conference number is: (855) 876-0102

Log in to your Conference Call web portal here

If you’ve forgotten your username or password, call us at (812) 876-2211 every day 7 am-1am

Once logged in, you can view your Conference ID Number or Administrative Access Code on your Conference Call web portal.

24 hour notice required for calls over 36 lines.
Domestic use only.
Electronic Billing Required.

Need Help Using the Service?

Please reference the resources below for information regarding using the product and its terms of use.

User Guide

Terms of Use