500 Attacks

Were prevented by Smithville this month.

50% increase

In DDoS attacks since 2021.

20 seconds

It takes us 20 seconds to reroute attacks from your network.


What is DDoS Protection?

Security threats targeting network infrastructure are increasing at alarming rates, and the size, complexity, and sophistication of these attacks are making it more challenging for individuals to protect their network resources. Prevent these attacks with DDoS (Distributed Denial-of-Service) Protection.

What We Offer

Why risk having your firewall flooded when traffic can be redirected before reaching your network?

A DDoS attack occurs when a network is targeted by multiple computers that flood the bandwidth resources of that network, slowing the network down to a crawl, or perhaps even crashing it. Think of it like a traffic jam, suddenly the road is flooded with many cars.

These attacks can originate from thousands of malware-infected host computers, thus stopping the attack using a simple ingress filter is impossible. Distinguishing legitimate users from attack
traffic can also be difficult.

The Internet

Smithville DDOS Protection

Your network

Service Details


We can filter up to 5 Gb of malicious attack traffic from legitimate network traffic (90% of DDoS attacks are under 2 Gb).

If an attack is above 5 Gb we blackhole all traffic targeting your network to prevent network overload or total shut-down until the attack is over.


Once a week, Smithville will send you detailed reports of DDoS detection and mitigation services performed on your circuit.
  • Summary of Traffic Flow
  • DDoS Mitigations
  • DOS Alerts
  • Detailed Graphs
  • Descriptions of Every DoS Host Alert

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Need building-to-building or on-demand high-capacity availability on a secure connection to a remote site?

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