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Video Security

Instantly detect important activity and shorten incident response time from days to seconds with best-in-class security technology.

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Keep your people and property safe with 24/7 professional video monitoring, cloud-managed intrusion detection, and customizable wireless panic buttons.

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Air Quality

Track the health and safety of your environment with an all-in-one sensor that reads temperature, air quality, vape detection, noise, and so much more.

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Access Control

Cloud-based access control seamlessly integrates with video security, providing real-time visibility into events across sites.

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Secure entrances, grant entry, and answer calls from anywhere with sharp intercom video and clear audio.

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Create a tailored check-in experience with visitor management software that simplifies administrative workflows while integrating with cameras and access control.

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Protect from liability claims

  • Save on workman’s comp with 360 cameras that capture everything that happens in your business.
  • Save footage to unlimited cloud-based archives, time-stamped to ensure usability in court.

Catch repeat offenders with real-time Vehicle and Person of Interest alerts.


Enhance safety by enabling real-time alerts and faster emergency response from a centralized platform.


Capture key details at the point of withdrawal and prevent fraudulent activity — such as phantom ATM withdrawals and card skimming.

Accelerate emergency response time

  • Keep your business safer than ever with lockdowns and real-time detection of threats.
  • Professional monitoring agents can review video of any alarm event to help dismiss false alarms, ensure priority police response, and take immediate action.

Respond quickly to threats with custom alerts and tools — including wireless panic buttons. When an alarm is raised, immediately take action or directly contact emergency services.


Protect employees against intruders or aggressive customers with panic buttons that can pull up live video footage, notify on-site security, or call emergency services with a single press.


Discretely alert the police to an emergency situation with configurable panic buttons. Plus, set emergency response flows with custom lockdown scenarios and instant notifications.

Get comprehensive air quality monitoring

  • Visualize sensor data and get real-time alerts when an issue arises.
  • Quickly investigate, and respond to, a situation before it compromises the quality of processed items.

Maintain EPA and OSHA compliance by monitoring for environmental conditions such as noise level and air quality.


Improve patient health and safety. Monitor noise levels and air quality across hospital environments to ensure quality patient care. Receive an alert if conditions rise above or fall below acceptable thresholds.


Receive real-time alerts via SMS and email when smoking or vaping is detected in areas such as bathrooms and locker rooms. Pair sensors with video security to gain additional context.

Control building access in real-time

  • Generate alerts for key events such as tailgate detection, door held open, door forced open, unusual after-hours activity, and Vehicles or People of Interest.
  • Simplify employee identification allowing ease of investigation during stolen badge incidents and allow employees to use their smartphone as a digital keycard.

Simplify access control with site or role-based access permissions for employees and contractors. Pair with video security for visual verification and set door schedules around hours of operation.


Secure storefronts and storerooms. Set door schedules based on hours of operation and streamline access credentials for employees.


Set door schedules around school hours and provision staff with role–based access to privileged areas.

Answer calls, grant entry, and secure entrances

  • Easily deploy any combination of video intercoms, receivers and call routing configurations to take calls from anywhere.
  • Get sharp video and clear audio on every call to easily see who is outside and understand why they are there.

Answer calls from anywhere with sharp intercom video, clear audio and four smart receiver methods.


Users can take calls on-the-go, at a desk, directly through a web browser or through any existing phone number – mobile or landline.


Review annotated recordings of every intercom button press and door unlock. Easily identify important calls or events with People Analytics, simplified search, and more.

Streamline operations and strengthen security

  • Visitors and volunteers can select check-in flows based on guest type, print badges, and hosts are automatically notified of their arrival.
  • Streamline mailroom deliveries with a simple app to scan packages, notify recipients and manage deliveries.

Send personalized invites to guests, be alerted when they arrive, and even unlock doors from a mobile device.


Streamline mailroom management and safeguard assets with native camera integration.


Scan and match shipments automatically to employees. Instantly send notfications and reminders.

Make Your Security Goals a Reality

Financing Options Available

10-Year Warranty

30-Day Cloud Backup

Live-Link Sharing

Unlimited Cloud Archiving

Automatic Alerts

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Rapid Response monitoring for 24/7/365 professional monitoring services. You can rest easy knowing your business is always protected.

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We make sure your security system works for you. Our expert technicians find the best solution with no added frills or unneccessary costs.

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Power your system with Smithville fiber

Running a security system as great as this, you need the bandwidth to back it and make sure everything runs smoothly. Verkada cameras can live stream and store data in the cloud. Make sure your internet is on par.

Security footage
Advanced search filters

Simplify investigations with intelligent people and face detection. People Analytics combines intelligent edge–based video processing with computer vision in the cloud to give users high–quality images of all individuals identified in the scene. This works for vehicles and incident triggers as well.

Security footage
Reactive security alerts

Keep people and property safe with real-time alerts powered by AI analytics and professional monitoring.

Security footage
30-Days Cloud Backup

Easy access to all your footage in the cloud with live-link sharing and unlimited cloud archiving.

Security notifications
Leverage cameras as intrusion sensors

Integrated professional video monitoring turns your cameras into a complete alarm solution, no extra hardware required. Video-verified alarms are more likely to receive high priority from law enforcement.

Security footage
Intrusion detection & deterrence

All-in-one arm/disarm keypad with integrated camera, talk-down speaker, and digital panic button. Automatically respond to intruders with prerecorded messages, sirens or strobes.

Man looking at security footage
Customizable button triggers and responses

Configure events from any Verkada device as alarm triggers and choose how your system should respond. Professional monitoring agents can review video of any alarm event to help dismiss false alarms, ensure priority police response, and take immediate action.

Verkada message
Detect Indoor Vaping

Integrate vaping dectection sensors with video security to get context for actionable results.

Screens of Verkada devices
Toxic gasses, chemicals, and smoke

Indoor air quality (IAQ) has a direct impact on health. Monitor IAQ to protect against disease transmission, enhance cognitive performance, and improve all-around wellbeing – right from your fingertips.

Unify monitoring across environments

Manage devices, environments, displays and alerts and more across devices with Verkada’s integrated, single-pane-of-glass platform.

Two phones with management app
Remote Management

Securely administrate doors, schedules and settings from any device with cloud-based access control.

Woman entering building
Touchless Entry

Enable your employees and staff to use their mobile phone to unlock doors with just a tap, eliminating the need for physical keycards.

Phone with Lockdown app
Lockdown doors in one tap

Create custom Lockdown scenarios to immediately secure buildings in case of an emergency, and initiate them with a single tap.

Screenshot of security
Sharp Video, Clear Audio

Get sharp video and clear audio on every call to easily see who is outside and understand why they are there.

Man on cam
Secure from anywhere

Answer intercom calls from anywhere with full-frame video, crystal clear audio and door controls at the touch of a button.

Phone and internet
Integrate your system

Pair video intercom with additional context cameras and access controllers for more comprehensive coverage of your building’s entrance security.

Pay screen
Customizable visitor experience

Guests simply follow the flow to check in, and hosts are instantly notified to greet them.

Screenshot of security
Simplify Visitor Screening

Instantly screen visitor information against a national sex offender database. Deny entry and alert relevant staff to those who pose a risk.

Phone screen
Take the work out of mailroom management

Streamline mailroom deliveries with a simple app to scan packages, notify recipients and manage deliveries

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