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SIP Trunking

Upgrade your legacy PBX to an IP-enabled PBX with SIP trunking for reduced costs, unified communications, simpler management and remote extensions.

Cloud Voice

Let Smithville host PBX for easy administration, a myriad of relevant call features and always up-to-date technology.

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SIP Trunking vs Cloud Voice

Cloud Voice is a phone system, where Smithville hosts your PBX and updates and maintains it. You just have your phones working through the internet. With SIP Trunking, we add a SIP Trunk to your PBX to make it VoIP enabled.

Cloud Voice

Phones and apps
Hosted PBX
Other person on call/phones
  • We host and manage your PBX
  • Multiple seats (users)
  • No DIDs, each seat has its own phone number or extension to an individual employee
  • Each seat is equivalent to a call channel, there are no concurrent calls on one seat
  • Ideal for ease of administration


Sip Trunking

Devices & handsets
Your PBX
SIP Trunk
  • You manage your PBX
  • Multiple call channels
  • Many DIDs directed though call channels, you can have 600 call channels, and 1000 DIDs
  • With 600 call channels, you can have 600 concurrent calls happen at once
  • Ideal for large call volume


The main difference between SIP Trunking and Cloud Voice is the PBX equipment. With SIP Trunking, you have your own on-premise PBX equipment. With Cloud Voice, your PBX equipment is hosted by Smithville. All you would have onsite would be your Internet and phones. The maintenance would be done by Smithville. With SIP Trunking, you take care of your own equipment, we just make it VoIP enabled. SIP Trunking requires an in-house IT team to manage the equipment, security strategies, and privacy policies.

SIP Trunking is where a SIP Trunk is installed on your on-site PBX equipment, which allows it to access the internet. This transforms it from an analogue system into a VoIP system. The SIP Trunk replaces older copper-based traditional telephone lines or PRIs (Primary Rate Interface) phone services.

SIP Trunks can have multiple direct inward dailing (DID) numbers and more call features than PRIs. They are typically 25% cheaper than PRI circuits. This is because they elimate additional hardware and overlapping networks.

Sip Trunking is a type of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), where SIP Trunking brings VoIP phone system capabilites to your exisiting on-premise PBX equipment. It upgrades an analogue PBX to an IP PBX. Like Cloud Voice, SIP is just one of the possible “protocols” you can use for VoIP communications. It provides a way to convert voice signals into data that can be decoded by devices used by a caller.

SIP trunking is great for businesses that want more capabilities and less expense from their current PRI systems. If you already have PBX eqipment and an IT team, upgrading from PRI to SIP may be your best bet. You might consider Cloud Voice if your business doesn’t already have a PBX system or it needs major repairs or it is too much hassle. With Cloud Voice, you just pay a monthly fee and Smithville will manage everything to do with the PBX.

Any business or site with a high volume of outbound and inbound calls need the flexibility and cost-effectiveness that SIP Trunking provides. Call centres, for example sales or support hubs, are highly likely to run more complex PBX systems supported by specialist SIP services.

We do still provide PRI services for customers who want to stay on their legacy system. A PRI cicruit has a maximum of 23 channels per circuit and one channel for every call happening at a given time. If you need to have the ability for 50 calls to happen all at the same time, then you need 50 channels. For SIP Trunking, you need a minimum of three call channels. Each SIP trunk can host an unlimited amount of call channels.

Something to ask yourself is, “How many calls does the business receive during the busiest time of the day?”

I chose Smithville.

“It has made us more accessible, and we have gotten more business.. the whole system [internet and cloud voice] is incredible.”
“By having Smithville Cloud Voice and internet here in our office, we are no longer dealing with internet outages. We have been able to keep our efficiency up and my staff has been able to do their job a lot easier and with a lot less stress.”

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