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What is cloud voice?


Auxiliary User



  • Caller ID Presentation
  • Call Hold
  • Call Transfer
  • Music on Hold
  • Intercom Dialing
  • Call Paging Groups
  • 3 Way Calling
  • +35 more features
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Standard User



  • Includes all Auxiliary features
  • Free Easy Attendant


  • Voicemail
  • CommPortal Web Interface
  • MaX UC Mobile Application
  • Call Pickup Groups
  • Voicemail-Email Notifications
  • 100+ more features
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Premium User



  • Includes all Auxiliary and Standard features


  • MaX UC Desktop Application
  • Call Jump
  • Selective Call Forwarding
  • Advanced Call Control
  • +12 more features
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Premium ACD User



  • Includes all Auxiliary, Standard and Premium features


  • Call Queue
  • Call Recording
  • Call Monitoring
  • Supervisor Analytics
  • +7 more features
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Auto Attendant

Your virtual receptionist

Auto Attendant offers powerful capabilities for meeting the needs of your customers, improving employee productivity, and controlling costs.

Engineered to simulate a live operator, Auto Attendant directs incoming callers to the appropriate department or employee. This enables you to ensure that your customers’ calls are handled effectively 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Easy Attendant

  • Single level menu
  • 2 greeting options: business hours/non-business hours
  • Transfer to specific departments by extension
  • Custom greetings

Premium Attendant

+all Easy Attendant features
  • 150 Multi-level menus
  • Flexible announcement scheduling – for outside business hours and holidays
  • Transfer to individuals or departments by name or extension
  • Allows caller to return to original call tree
  • Easy Auto Attendant Redirect all calls to another telephone number.
    $10/mo per additional
  • Premium Auto Attendant Redirect calls when you don’t answer.

Smithville Assist

Are you ready to buy Cloud Voice but feel like you lack the resources to get it set up?

  • Our assist add-on is perfect if you don’t have an IT professional or a dedicated individual to customize features on your new phone system.
  • Feeling overwhelmed by the multitude of options and configuration available? We can help you tailor your web portal and assist with the technicalities.
  • Smithville Assist Single Use Let Smithville’s team customize your CommPortal.
    $45 / 30 minutes
  • Smithville Assist Unlimited We will be your Cloud Voice administrator.
    $17/mo per user
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Connect Your Business with the Latest Voice Technology 

  • Phone Equipment VoIP Enabled | Advanced audio features | Bluetooth headset integration
    Starting at $105
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Do you have the speed you need?

Low bandwidth won’t cut it with advanced voice technology. You need high-speed Internet for crystal-clear calling.

Test Your Network

This test will simulate VoIP calls for your computer and provide an estimate of how your current Internet service will perform.

You need to sign up for Smithville Fiber to use Cloud Voice.


Smithville Business Voice is a traditional landline phone system also known as POTS (plain old telephone service). This is the typical copper phone line that has been around for decades. It includes features such as caller ID, long distance calling and call waiting.

Smithville Cloud Voice is a type of VoIP solution (Voice Over Internet Protocol). Unlike a POTS solution that works through phone lines, it works through your internet. This allows for a multitude of features and customization around configuration.

Cloud Voice has an array of features that allow you to create a premium experience for your customers. It offers calling features such as hold, park, transfer, forward, and more—all customizable to meet the needs of your customers and business. Cloud Voice also has features that ensure reliability, such as Unavailable Call Forwarding. Your calls can be routed to a different number should yours become unavailable—like if your device was disconnected.  

Many advanced voicemail features boost productivity. Cloud Voice’s technology does the work for you. Managing incoming calls has never been easier, from playing prerecorded, customized greetings to transferring callers to a configured attendant.   

Not only does Cloud Voice provide you with unlimited features—it saves you money. With a traditional phone system, most added features are an additional cost. But, with Cloud Voice, you are paying for a portfolio of features included in your monthly subscription. It is also hosted by Smithville meaning we maintain and upgrade your phone system for you at no added cost.

If you have access to Smithville Fiber internet and need more than one phone number, then Cloud Voice is the solution for you. The multitude of features and customizable configuration – not to mention Smithville hosting your PBX system – allows you to future-proof your voice system.

If you do not have high-speed internet or are still on a copper line and only need one phone number, then business voice may be the best option.

Talk to us about your unique situation, so we can help find the best solution for your business.

Keep your business phone up and running in case of a local disaster such as a power outgage or severe weather. Cloud Voice is designed with fail-over functionality, so if the power goes out your business calls will be routed to a mobile phone.

I chose Smithville.

“It has made us more accessible, and we have gotten more business.. the whole system [internet and cloud voice] is incredible.”
“By having Smithville Cloud Voice and internet here in our office, we are no longer dealing with internet outages. We have been able to keep our efficiency up and my staff has been able to do their job a lot easier and with a lot less stress.”

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Part of what makes Smithville Cloud Voice so beneficial is how it is powered by our guaranteed Fiber network. Don’t have internet with us yet?