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Backed by Smithville Fiber Internet. That means reliable.

100 years of service

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Boost productivity

Simplify your life and empower employees to do their jobs better.

Connect your team and customers anytime, anywhere

Your entire phone system is unified into one simple solution. A multitude of features and capabilities allows you to work your way.

What is cloud voice?


Auxiliary User



  • Caller ID Presentation
  • Call Hold
  • Call Transfer
  • Music on Hold
  • Intercom Dialing
  • Call Paging Groups
  • 3 Way Calling
  • +35 more features
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Standard User



  • Includes all Auxiliary features
  • Free Easy Attendant


  • Voicemail
  • CommPortal Web Interface
  • MaX UC Mobile Application
  • Call Pickup Groups
  • Voicemail-Email Notifications
  • 100+ more features
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Premium User



  • Includes all Auxiliary and Standard features


  • MaX UC Desktop Application
  • Call Jump
  • Selective Call Forwarding
  • Advanced Call Control
  • +12 more features
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Premium ACD User



  • Includes all Auxiliary, Standard and Premium features


  • Call Queue
  • Call Recording
  • Call Monitoring
  • Supervisor Analytics
  • +7 more features
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Succeed with Cloud Voice

Meet Brett!

Brett is our Client Success Manager who is committed to helping your business succeed with Cloud Voice. He will be your dedicated point of contact to answer any questions you may have. Brett has a wealth of knowledge about Cloud Voice and is available to provide employees with an overview of its software.

From initial assessment and planning to installation and training—Brett is here for you every step of the way. 

Unified communications to enhance flexibility

Work anywhere with Cloud Voice’s MaX UC App

We know that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all system for every business. That is why our experts at Smithville will help you completely customize your solution to fit the needs of your business.  

Cloud Voice is trusted by many local businesses in the community. One of our customers was experiencing cellular “dead zones” in their buildings. By taking advantage of the flexibility of Cloud Voice and Fast Fiber Internet from Smithville, they are now able to communicate with each other using the MaX UC mobile app. 

MaX UC Mobile App

  • Integrate a phone or tablet
  • Displays desk phone functions
  • Manage calls from Internet-connected devices
  • Access your business contacts from any device

MaX UC Desktop App

  • Integrate a desktop computer
  • Manage calls with the click of a mouse
  • Supports remote working capabilities
  • Easily access CommPortal—an intuitive web interface for simple control
  • Easy Auto Attendant Redirect all calls to another telephone number.
    $10/mo per additional
  • Premium Auto Attendant Redirect calls when you don’t answer.

Smithville Assist

Are you ready to buy Cloud Voice but feel like you lack the resources to get it set up?

Our assist add-on is perfect if you don’t have an IT professional or a dedicated individual to customize features on your new phone system. Our experts at Smithville will do it for you!

  • Smithville Assist Single Use Let Smithville’s team customize your CommPortal.
    $45 / 30 minutes
  • Smithville Assist Unlimited We will be your Cloud Voice administrator.
    $17/mo per user
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Connect Your Business with the Latest Voice Technology 

  • Phone Equipment VoIP Enabled | Advanced audio features | Bluetooth headset integration
    Starting at $105
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Do you have the speed you need?

Low bandwidth won’t cut it with advanced voice technology. You need high-speed Internet for crystal-clear calling.

Test Your Network

This test will simulate VoIP calls for your computer and provide an estimate of how your current Internet service will perform.

You need to sign up for Smithville Fiber to use Cloud Voice.


Smithville Business Voice is a traditional landline phone system also known as POTS (plain old telephone service). This is the typical copper phone line that has been around for decades. It includes features such as caller ID, long distance calling and call waiting.

The biggest difference between the two is that Cloud Voice works through your internet while Business Voice runs through your phoneline. The technical term for our Cloud Voice solution is Voice Over Internet Protocol, or VoIP for short. Compared to a standard phone system, VoIP provides a multitude of features, maximum flexibility, and customizable configurations.

Cloud Voice has an array of features that allow you to create a premium experience for your customers. It offers calling features such as hold, park, transfer, forward, and more—all customizable to meet the needs of your customers and business. Cloud Voice also has features that ensure reliability, such as Unavailable Call Forwarding. Your calls can be routed to a different number should yours become unavailable—like if your device was disconnected.  

Many advanced voicemail features boost productivity. Cloud Voice’s technology does the work for you. Managing incoming calls has never been easier, from playing prerecorded, customized greetings to transferring callers to a configured attendant.   

Not only does Cloud Voice provide you with unlimited features—it saves you money. With a traditional phone system, most added features are an additional cost. But, with Cloud Voice, you are paying for a portfolio of features included in your monthly subscription. It is also hosted by Smithville meaning we maintain and upgrade your phone system for you at no added cost.

Cloud Voice is the perfect solution for businesses that have our Fiber Internet and never want to miss a customer call. Business Voice is the best option for those who do not have access to high-speed internet and only need one phone number that rings to their office phone.

Talk to us about your unique situation, so we can help find the best solution for your business.

Cloud Voice provides crystal-clear communication. Customers and business employees alike will appreciate its superior sound quality

With Cloud Voice, your entire phone system is unified into one simple solution. A multitude of features and capabilities allows you to work your way. You never have to miss a call. When the power goes out or you need to work from home, you can forward your calls to a mobile phone. Cloud Voice is perfect for remote employees, managers, and sales reps on the go — you never need to give out your personal cell number to clients again. Cloud Voice and Smithville Fiber allow you to future-proof your business. We upgrade everything for you as technology evolves.

Yes, we can port your current landline or cell phone number to Cloud Voice.

We make security a priority to protect our customers as well as our network. As a Smithville customer, you benefit from the practices we have built into our own policies and operational procedures. We utilize call encryption and advanced security features on customer-premises equipment, phones, servers, and the CommPortal app.

No, you do not need a computer to make a call with Cloud Voice. We’ll provide VoIP-enabled phone equipment with advanced audio features. No computer is required.

Yes, we’ll supply new units that are compatible with our systems. The phone units must be programmed and provisioned by Smithville technicians to assure the security of your system and proper configuration for flawless functionality.

Alternatively, you can choose a software-based solution, only using a computer and cell phone to make and receive calls. In this case, you would not need new phones.

By choosing Cloud Voice, you’ll partner with Smithville, a local, independently owned company that’s part of the community. We’ve been serving Hoosiers for more than 100 years, and we’re committed to helping our customers succeed. You’ll receive assistance from our client success manager who is dedicated to making Cloud Voice work for your business.

In addition to providing excellent service, we also have invested in resources that make our VoIP better than the rest, including high-speed Fiber Internet and an easy-to-use MaX UC App that provides your business more flexibility.

We have a local team dedicated to implementing and customizing the solution for your business. This ensures that you’re getting the training and follow-up adjustments that make Cloud Voice work for you. From initial assessment and planning to installation and support, we’re here for you every step of the way.

With Cloud Voice, you can keep your business phone up and running even if you lose power. If cellular service is available, your business calls can be routed to a mobile phone. We highly suggest that your company place a backup battery power supply on any equipment supporting your network or your phone service.

You can call any kind of phone with Cloud Voice.

All long-distance calls are .01 cent per call per minute, or you can sign up for unlimited long-distance.

I chose Smithville.

“It has made us more accessible, and we have gotten more business.. the whole system [internet and cloud voice] is incredible.”
“By having Smithville Cloud Voice and internet here in our office, we are no longer dealing with internet outages. We have been able to keep our efficiency up and my staff has been able to do their job a lot easier and with a lot less stress.”

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Part of what makes Smithville Cloud Voice so beneficial is how it is powered by our guaranteed Fiber network. Don’t have internet with us yet?

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