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True Connection

Linking us to what matters most.

Our need to connect to each other hasn’t changed over the years. Just the way we do it. Thanks to always-evolving technology, the distance between us has never been shorter. Share messages and moments instantly with fiber-powered internet and never worry about slow speeds or interruptions.

Video chatting with grandparents. Scouring food blogs for this weekend’s dinner party. Cueing up relaxing music after work. Sometimes we forget the force behind all those little things we do in a day–until it doesn’t perform well.

Fast and reliable internet isn’t a luxury anymore; it’s a necessity to keep our days moving. Smithville Fiber proudly provides the fastest residential internet in the state, along with the peace of mind that you’ll always stay connected to life’s moments.

Why Fiber?

We could get all scientific here, explaining the “how” of fiber optics. But when you’re deciding if gigabit fiber is right for you, here’s what you really need to know: It’s so much faster it will blow you away.

In a study of downloading an album, fiber optics and an average Internet service were put to the test. The results speak for themselves.


1.6 seconds


85.4 seconds

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