Fiber vs. Cable

For those who like to get more scientific and dig gig – at least a little, here’s a bit (not a byte) about fiber optic technology.

Amazingly Fast Downloads

You can expect amazingly fast webpage, music and movie downloads – 10 times faster than cable. Fast download speeds give you extra time to do more of what brings you joy.

Run Multiple Devices at Once

Fiber optic technology provides you with faster, more reliable and secure internet connectivity. The whole family can truly be online at the same time, running multiple devices – computers, smartphones, tablets, game consoles and smart TVs.

Future Proofing with Fiber

Today’s Speeds

Even with new technology advancements, cable struggles to compete with the swift pace that your devices require. Fiber internet supplies the top speed available in your home today. You can enjoy speeds up to one gigabit per second, which is faster than most of your devices can keep up with right now.

Future Needs

Fiber also brings the future to your doorstep, ensuring today’s speeds can accommodate tomorrow’s technology. This is future proofing: it means you are obtaining the best at this moment and in the future.

Experience the joy of true connection with fiber.