The most important call of your life.

In today’s whirlwind of ever-changing technologies one’s judgement can easily become clouded. The touting of the latest and greatest advancements allows us to assume a service will provide certain standards we’ve come to expect — we trust they are part of the package. Sadly, this is not true regarding non-landline 911 emergency services.

Unlike standard 911, only Enhanced 911 (E911) pinpoints your exact location to provide emergency responders with viable information. According to the National Emergency Number Association (NENA), 70 percent of the country’s 911 call centers were up-to-date with E911 capabilities by 2006 — even though ten years prior, the FCC had ordered wireless companies to provide it to at least 95 percent of their customers. What’s worse is the percentage drops dramatically, to only 25 percent, in rural areas.

However, a landline is a direct line to your local emergency call center that instantly generates your correct location during a 911 call — every single time. Cellular, VoIP, and other calling services cannot promise the same accuracy or reliability.

Reliability when you need it most.

While a direct connection to your local 911 center might in itself be reason enough to retain your home or business landline, it has many benefits not offered by other services.

Some of the real-life benefits of a landline are:

  • no dropped calls (in fact the term “dropped call” originated with the cellular industry)
  • a secure connection for all internet activity
  • no charge for incoming calls (cellular charges for both incoming and outgoing calls)

You can rely on your Smithville Telephone™ landline as we are held accountable for compliance with federal communications regulations, tariffs, state franchising laws, and numerous other regulatory requirements – non-landline providers are not. Plus, we are a local company committed to maintaining your landline service at the highest quality level at all times.