DSL Modem Agreement

By using Smithville’s DSL product, you agree to the following:

  • You agree to pay the recurring monthly fee for the length of the service. Should you fail to pay the monthly fee at any time, the service will be disconnected.
  • It is your responsibility to call if you cannot get your Internet to work.
  • You agree that you will use a surge protector on the modem at all times.
  • You agree to unplug the power supply during thunderstorms.
  • You understand that the internet speed provided is based on several variables, such as your distance from Smithville’s equipment and your in-home wiring.
  • If your DSL no longer works for any reason, it is your responsibility to contact the Technical Support line and report the problem.
  • You understand that additional charges may apply if you need additional wiring in your home for DSL service to work.
  • You understand that the modem is the property of Smithville. If you cancel service, you must return the modem or be charged for a replacement modem and any additional equipment that has been provided, including the Ethernet cable, the power supply, the surge protector, and however many micro-filters were provided to you. If you do not return all equipment items, you will be charged and are liable for the cost of all equipment not returned. Once the equipment is returned, you will receive a credit for any items charged to your account.
  • You understand you will use only the Smithville-provided modem to connect to Smithville DSL services. You understand use of a third-party modem may conflict with other Smithville-provided hardware and potentially cause equipment failure. You understand that should any equipment failure on the Smithville network is deemed to have been caused by a third-party modem you are using, additional charges may be applied to your account.
  • You further understand that ADT and other security systems are not compatible with DSL and may require you to have an additional phone line to provide adequate security for your home. Smithville is not responsible for any features of your security system.