Backup Power Sources for Your Smithville Services

Effective August 9, 2016

As your trusted communications provider, we want to ensure you are getting the best from your Smithville services. It is important for you to understand that the fiber optical network terminals that we place inside your home or business require electric power to operate. In the event of a power outage within your home or business, all Smithville-provided services will terminate until power to the terminal is restored. This includes your voice service and connection to your local 911 center. To ensure services are available 24/7, Smithville highly recommends the use of a backup power source with our deployed fiber optical network terminal. Smithville provides an optional backup power source which you can purchase from us at any time.

Smithville Services Affected by a Power Outage

If you are a Smithville customer being served by a Smithville fiber optical network terminal that has been identified at the time of ordering services as needing a backup power source, and power is lost to the terminal’s location, all Smithville-provided services will be terminated until power is restored. This includes, but is not limited to: all data, voice, and TV services. This includes your voice connection to your local 911 center.

Available Backup Power Sources

Backup power sources can be purchased from local retail stores in the form of battery backups, uninterruptible power supplies or generators, for example, or purchased directly from Smithville.

If you choose to purchase a backup power source from your local retailer, please check with the manufacturer to ensure its functionality with fiber optical network terminals (ONT). Most commercially available sources will be adequate. Please be conscience of any limitations the equipment you purchase has. Backup power durations vary with equipment and use. Any selected backup power source should be placed directly between the fiber optical network terminal and the wall outlet.

Smithville offers a lithium-based battery backup to operate with the terminals we are deploying. This battery pack will keep all of your services up and running for up to 10-12 hours on a fully charged battery in the event that your home experiences a power outage.

If you choose to purchase an optional backup power source from Smithville and inform us of your decision before services are installed, our technician will install your purchased battery backup pack at the time of your scheduled service installation appointment, at no additional install charge. If you elect to add a battery backup device to your home after your service installation appointment is completed, you may purchase the unit at the Technology Powered by Smithville store or have it shipped to your home ($7.95 shipping fee applies) and install the unit on your own using our easy to understand self-install instructions.

Store address and hours of operation can be foundĀ here.

If you need assistance installing your new battery pack, contact Smithville’s Technical Support team. If you want a Smithville technician to perform the install after your initial service installation, contact customer service. An appointment will be scheduled for an installation technician to install it for a $75.00 fee.

For unit pricing and to purchase a battery backup pack directly from Smithville, call (800) 742-4084 or visit our store.

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