Lizton first town to receive complete Quantum fiber-optic overbuild by Smithville

LIZTON, Indiana – All businesses and residents within the town of Lizton (Hendricks County, Indiana) now have access to the fastest broadband speeds in Indiana at up to 1 Gbps on the Smithville Quantum fiber network. Lizton is the first town to be entirely overbuilt with fiber-optics by Smithville, Indiana’s largest independent telecom company.
The 1Gbps speed now available in Lizton is much faster than what is currently offered to many residential customers anywhere in the United States—in rural or urban areas, according to Smithville President and CEO, Ms. Darby A. McCarty. In addition to the faster broadband Internet speed, the Smithville Quantum fiber network gives customers access to TV and voice services.

“The Smithville fiber overbuild is great—it is already making a huge difference in terms of accessibility and speed for residents and businesses,” said Bob Uhrick, President of the Lizton Town Council. ”Having real fiber access will provide Lizton with numerous new strategic opportunities.”

Industry experts agree, noting that the 1 Gbps speed over fiber creates serious development and business opportunities for Smithville customers, including the power for real-time telehealth, imaging and business modeling operations.

The Lizton fiber-optic overbuild is part of a $90 million project Smithville began in 2008. Smithville has completed sections of the project, but Lizton is the first town to be wholly completed. Smithville has been lauded by Lt. Gov. Becky Skillman as a, “technological fiber champion for smaller cities and rural areas in Indiana.” The Lt. Gov. continued by stating, “We applaud Smithville for continuing to help bring Indiana into a competitive technology position from a global fiber perspective.”

The fiber overbuild project, undertaken by Smithville, has also been noticed by Broadband Communities magazine in their naming Smithville a Top 100 Broadband Company for three years running, putting Smithville in the same class as companies like Google, Verizon and AT&T.