Voice Pricing

Smithville Voice – Our standard “land line” telephone service brings reliable connectivity to your world, and now with FREE unlimited nationwide calling – at all hours, everyday, and at a competitive price.

Do you need more from your voice service – Voice Mail, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding? We’ve got you covered, and more! Click here for details.

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Bundle Internet with Voice and Save!
Best Speed Available
Up to 50Mbps*
Best Speed Available
Up to 1Gbps**
Free Nationwide Calling
Free Nationwide Calling
Caller Name
Caller ID
Caller Waiting

LifeLine Telephone Service

A low-cost telephone service available to low income households. To receive Lifeline pricing you must meet federal eligibility requirements. If applicable, you’ll need to submit the Lifeline application to: Lifeline Administrator, 30 Lanidex Plaza West, PO Box 685, Parsippany, NJ 07054-0685
View and download applications here: English | Spanish.
Call Smithville for pricing details at (800) 742-4084.

Other Fees & Taxes

We’ve included most of the fees and taxes in our base phone service rate, however you may see additional regulated fees and taxes on your bill including Federal Universal Service, Dual Party Relay, and Emergency 911. Fees are regulated by the IURC and FCC and may change without notice, so please call us if you would like to know the current rates for these fees and taxes.

Additionally, there are several one-time charges that may occur on your bill.

Name Charge
New Customer Initiation $25.00
Returning Customer Reconnection $25.00
Installation $125.00
Repair Trip Charge $125.00
Disconnect $5.00 per service
Reconnect from Suspension $10.00
Change of Phone Address $20.00
Additional Phone Jacks $125.00 for first, $50 for each additional

*Best Speed Available: Up to 50Mbps download/10Mbps upload based on distance
**Best Speed Available: Up to 300Mbps download/300Mbps upload or 1Gbps download/1Gbps upload depending on service area
• All pricing is per month.
• Taxes and regulatory fees not included.
• Fees and taxes may change without notice from Smithville. Fees are regulated by the IURC and the FCC.
• Pricing for residential only.
• Services not available in all areas.
• Internet speeds are denoted by “Download” and in (Mbps) megabits per second and (Gbps) Gigabits per second.
• Speeds and service availability vary. Availability subject to final confirmation by Smithville. Speeds are not guaranteed.