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World-class connectivity with Hoosier care

We have been connecting Hoosiers through telecommunications services for more than 100 years.

In 1922, J.K. Johnston, a telephone engineer who pioneered the industry in several areas of Indiana and Ohio, built a communications system linking the stone quarries in Monroe County, Indiana.

In 1930, Guy A. Draper purchased the company and began building it as a family business. From those humble beginnings, the company carved its future and currently serves more than 23,000 businesses and residences in southern and central Indiana.

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Darby A. McCarty,
CEO and fourth-generation owner of Smithville announces Bedford access during a November 1 groundbreaking ceremony.

We connect communities and enrich lives

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Ryan and Toby,
Smithville Technicians and Bedford Residents, will help you and your family get connected to Smithville’s Fast Fiber.

Fiber connectivity enhances the overall quality of life in rural communities, bringing a world of online opportunity to areas with limited Internet access.

Our Fiber gives you next-generation speeds now—so you don’t have to worry about finding a better connection when technology advances.

We live where we serve, so we have firsthand experience of how our solutions enrich the lives of the people in our communities including those in the city of Bedford. We’re here to connect the Limestone Capital of the World to the world—one fiber at a time.

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Bedford is the first area where we are offering multi-gigabit Fiber speeds. Our Speed Boost 2000 upgrade delivers up to 2000 Mbps and is ideal for supporting multiple devices simultaneously. This ensures a smooth performance for data-intensive tasks without lag, buffering, or slowdowns. Speed Boost 2000 is perfect for households with above-average Internet usage, including those with online gamers, remote workers, multiple smart devices, or security systems.

To maximize your Fast Fiber Internet connection, use our Wi-Fi 6e router, a Cat6A wire (for wired connections), and consider using devices with the latest Wi-Fi 6 or 7 standards. A percentage of the bandwidth will always be used to maintain the connection, so it will never test at precisely 2,000 Mbps. Wired connections can expect a speed of 1800-2000 Mbps, while wireless connections using our Wi-Fi 6e router can expect between 800-1200 Mbps.

The Fiber Build Process starts with our engineering department designing where our Fiber will be installed and securing the necessary permits to begin the project. Then, we work with 811 to locate any other buried lines and begin construction. Once this Fiber is spliced and inspected, the project area is opened for orders.

After an order is placed, we will schedule both a customer assessment appointment and an installation appointment. Then, we work with 811 again to locate and mark buried lines in your yard, and install the service drop. After this, we can get you connected.

During the construction process, we may lay our Fiber lines in the ground which can result in a minor impact on your yard. However, we will promptly repair any damage, ensuring it’s restored to its preconstruction condition or better.

The construction process for an entire project area can span a couple of months. The impact on an individual customer’s yard will last only a few days.

There are many factors to consider in our decision-making process. We prioritize areas with a greater need for Fiber connectivity. This approach allows us to serve a greater number of customers per mile of construction.

To allocate our resources and optimize efficiency, we tend to plan our next phases adjacent to our current ones.

Once we announce that construction has started in your area, you can pre-register for service by clicking here or by calling (833) 758-4853. Otherwise, you can place an order for service as soon as you receive your first Smithville postcard in the mail. This is typically sent a month after construction begins.

You will receive a letter in the mail that construction is complete.

Each Internet company has ownership of its existing infrastructure in the ground, and it isn’t typically shared with competing companies.

Since Smithville will be the Fiber provider in the Bedford area, there isn’t any existing Fiber in the ground. Each customer will get their own dedicated pure Fiber connection from our equipment directly to their home.

A Multi-Gig connection is perfect for households with multiple devices being used simultaneously on the same network. This includes smart devices such as TVs, smartphones, video doorbells, security cameras, computers, and more. It’s designed for bandwidth-intensive tasks such as online gaming, remote work, and large file sharing, to name a few.

To learn more about multi-gig, click here.

Yes! The most recent study to be shared by the Fiber to the Home Council (FTTH) revealed that fiber internet connectivity can add 4.9% to the value of a property.

Study by: FBA/RVA Consumer Survey, 2023

What Our Customers Say

Smithville technicians are respectful, knowledgeable, and on time. Customer service was really good at communicating with me about my install and were even a day early; which I was grateful for since I work at home and really need internet. Service is fast and reliable.
Over the years I have at one time or another subscribed to all of the various major internet providers. None of them provided what I considered to be good (or even decent) service. Smithville, on the other hand, has been great. The people have been excellent to deal with, the service has been reliable, and the price is reasonable. You can’t ask for more than that.
The best and most reliable internet service I have ever used! Thank you for serving our small community.
The WiFi works wonderfully. I’m teaching from home and have two girls online learning and it keeps up!
Through the internet you can just get things done more rapidly. Especially with the speed of internet that Smithville provides for our community. There’s no lag time, there’s no buggering. It’s all there available all the time, and it’s been a great service.
Smithville gives my family a fast, reliable internet connection that we haven’t been able to find from anywhere else.
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