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Fiber Internet


  • Dedicated 1 Gbps Fast Fiber Connection to Your Home*
  • Equal Upload and Download Speeds
  • Unlimited Data Plan
  • Professional Installation with Your Schedule in Mind
  • Helpful 24/7 Live, Local Subscriber Support

*Where Available, Wi-Fi Router Provided by Subscriber



Our Fast Fiber Internet PLUS:

  • Commercial Grade, High-Performance Wi-Fi 6 Router Installed and Supported by the Smithville Team
  • Fully Supported App Gives You Access and Control
  • Fully Secure to Ensure a Safe Experience
  • 24/7 Wi-Fi Management and Subscriber Support
  • Elegant System Design with Optional Mesh to Extend Your Wi-Fi

Make the Most of Your Connection

Learn three reasons Smithville’s NEW Wi-Fi+ experience is designed with you in mind.


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Proactive Network Security

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Enhanced Parental Controls

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Connection Protection

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Why Smithville Fast Fiber Internet?

  • Best Speed and Unlimited Data for all of your Internet connected devices
  • Up to 1 Gbps Symmetrical Speeds means no more waiting to download OR upload
  • You get your own dedicated, fully Fiber connection, no sharing with neighbors
  • No Contracts, unless you want one to lock in your price
  • Friendly, Live, Local Technical Support to provide the best online experience

What Our Customers Say

Their technicians are very respectful, knowledgeable, and on time. Customer service was really good at communicating with me about my install and were even a day early; which I was grateful for since I work at home and really need internet. Service is fast and reliable.
Over the years I have at one time or another subscribed to all of the various major Internet providers. None of them provided what I considered to be good (or even decent) service. Smithville, on the other hand, has been great. The people have been excellent to deal with, the service has been reliable, and the price is reasonable. You can’t ask for more than that.
The best and most reliable internet service I have ever used! Thank you for serving our small community.
The WiFi works wonderfully. I’m teaching from home and have two girls online learning and it keeps up!
Through the internet you can just get things done more rapidly. Especially with the speed of internet that Smithville provides for our community. There’s no lag time, there’s no buggering. It’s all there available all the time, and it’s been a great service.
Smithville gives my family a fast, reliable internet connection that we haven’t been able to find from anywhere else.
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