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Smithville Streaming TV

Do you suffer from channel clutter?

We know today’s cable TV viewers are increasingly sophisticated. They’re tired of paying for dozens of television channels they never watch, so they’re cutting the cord in ever-growing numbers daily.

Smithville Streaming TV allows our customers to do exactly that: cut the cord to traditional cable TV viewing and stream the shows you want to watch. It’s incredibly easy to get started:
   • No contract, simply month-to-month service.
   • No need to rent additional equipment from Smithville.
   • No scheduling an appointment and waiting for a technician —
     we set your service up remotely (and fast!)

Pair Smithville Streaming TV with your choice of other streaming services to create your own custom content, complete with comprehensive local coverage from Smithville that other services don’t provide.

Ready to clean up your channel clutter? Scroll down to learn more, then contact us at (800) 742-4084 to sign up.

*Smithville Streaming TV works only with a residential Smithville internet connection.
 Works on multiple devices. Limited availability; ask a customer service representative if
 Streaming TV is in your area.

$20.00 mo.


Ready to Stream TV?

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Stream using these platforms


Streaming TV is a snap! To get started, download the “Your TV” app through one of these devices:

ROKU   |   Android (Google)   |   iOS (Apple)   |   Amazon FireStick

Click here for instructions on “How To Set Up” your device

Frequently Asked Questions

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Read our “Get Rid of Channel Clutter: A Guide to Cord Cutting” for more information on making the move to 
streaming TV.