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We’re Here for You!

All Smithville Security customers have access to local customer service, 24/7 tech support, 24/7 monitoring, and a dedicated inside security account manager. We are here for you day and night and want to make sure you have the best experience with your security system.

If you have questions or need service or support, please review our FAQs, or give us a call or message.

Contact Us

For billing, general questions, or to schedule an assessment, please call customer service at (800) 742-4084 (Option 3)

If your alarm has sounded, or you need to reach our monitoring team, please call (888)-325-0769. Please have your verbal monitoring account password ready.

For monthly testing or issues with your security service, please call tech support at (800) 742-4084 (Option 1)

To reach our security account manager, please call (800) 742-4084 (Option 5), email us at or send us a message via our Contact Us page.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Assessment

No. All security assessments are completely free of charge and there is no obligation to buy.

Since every home and situation is different, we recommend a free security assessment to determine your needs. We will be able to provide costing information during this appointment.

An assessment allows our highly trained staff to find the security solution that works best for you. We want to help you design a system customized to meet your particular needs and budget. An in-person assessment ensures that we are recommending the right solution for you.

Anywhere within South-Central Indiana.

Most assessments are completed within 1 week of request. Same day assessments are offered pending availability.

Most assessments are completed within 1 hour.

Yes! An assessment is required to determine the best course of action for transferring your security service to Smithville.

Typically, however we do have no contract options.

Yes! Smithville partners with industry leaders to provide fully integrated systems. An assessment is necessary to allow us to build the perfect system for your needs.


Most installations are completed within 7-10 days following purchase. Some installations could be delayed due to part(s) availability.

This is dependent upon the size of your property and the equipment being installed. Most installations are completed within 4 hours.

Smithville prides itself on offering custom installations from our certified Smithville installation team. Smithville does not subcontract out installations. All installers have had background checks and are employees of Smithville.

  • Please plan on being present for the installation. Having the main users present during the installation will help everyone get the most out of the new system. An adult (18 or older) must be present during installation.
  • Please make sure the installer has a clear path to all doors, windows, and equipment locations. If furniture or other obstacles are in the way, please make sure they are moved prior to our installers arriving. This helps speed up your installation and ensures our installers have a safe working environment.
  • If you have selected to include Honeywell Total Connect services with your security package, please download the free Total Connect 2.0 app on your mobile devices.
  • If your package includes Total Connect or Wi-Fi monitoring, please be ready to supply our technicians with your current wireless (Wi-Fi) network name and password. This information is needed to connect your security system to your wireless network to run Total Connect and receive Wi-Fi monitoring.

Absolutely! Our installers will stay with you until you are comfortable using the system and its features.

General Questions

Often, yes there is. Please check with your insurance agent to verify this. Often there is a percentage discount for burglary systems and an additional discount if you install monitored smoke and/or water leak detectors.

Call our inside account manager at 800-742-4084 or email and we will get that information to you.

If the alarm has sounded, our monitoring team will attempt to reach the primary person identified on the account to verify the alarm. If they are not able to reach this person, or if this person gives an incorrect password, they will contact emergency services. At this point, our monitoring team will attempt to contact other authorized individuals on the account to verify the alarm. Should one of these authorized persons request that monitoring cancel/disregard the alarm, our monitoring team will cancel the request to dispatch emergency services.

Yes! We offer two extended warranty plans ranging from $10-$15 per month. These plans cover repair costs should you ever need your system repaired. Contact us to learn more about our extended warranty plans.

Most installations are completed within 7-10 days following purchase. Some installations could be delayed due to part(s) availability.

Anytime! Please contact us to discuss adding these plans to your account.

Please consider adding one of our extended warranty plans. Without an extended warranty plan you will be charged for equipment and labor costs. Typical labor costs are $125 per hour without an extended warranty plan.

Please call our tech support team. They are available 24/7 to assist you. Tech support will be able to assess the situation and walk you through resetting your system.

If you subscribe to our Extended Warranty Plus plan we will change your batteries once every 3 years. If you do not have the Extended Warranty Plus plan batteries are not covered.

End-Users are able to change their own sensors batteries. You may purchase batteries from 3rd party sources or we can ship batteries to your home upon request. Remember to call our tech support team prior to changing your batteries so we can put your system on test.

Our installation team can replace batteries for you, however, there will be trip charges unless you have the Extended Warranty Plus plan. This trip typically costs $125 plus the cost of batteries.