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Streaming TV

Your viewing experience just got a whole lot smarter.

Life can be fast-paced and demanding. We all crave a little more downtime with the people we love, and at Smithville, we get that. Whether it’s piling on the sofa for a family movie night, gathering with friends to catch the game, or binge-watching your favorite show with someone special, our Streaming TV lets you watch exactly what you want.

Paired with our lightning-fast internet service, it’s easy to stream your favorite shows and cut the clutter of all those unwatched cable channels. For a much lower monthly fee (and no contract), Smithville Streaming TV works with your choice of streaming device and services to create a nice, tidy package of only the channels you want.

Ready to cut the cord? We’ll show you how to get free of endless channel-surfing and maximize your downtime with friends and family. It’s time to stock up on (Indiana) popcorn!

Streaming TV and No Contract


*Smithville Streaming TV works only with a residential Smithville Internet connection. Hookup requires a streaming device (like an Amazon Fire Stick). Some devices may require a WiFi and a TV with HDMI port. Works on multiple devices like tablets and smartphones, as well as TVs.


Not available in all areas  – Ask a customer service representative if Streaming TV is in your area.

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