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Streaming TV

We are currently able to deliver over iOS devices (iPhone, iPad), Android devices, and the Amazon Fire TV Stick.

You may want to utilize the following information from out Technical Operations Team about Adaptive Bitrate:
Smithville Streaming TV service uses Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) to provide varying quality of service to a wide range of customers based on available bandwidth.

How does ABR work? The Encoder processes and provides different quality streams of a single channel. For HD Channels, we provide 2 SD and 2 HD streams. When you first launch a channel on the YourTV application, it will automatically select the lowest quality stream to prevent excessive loading times. Over a short amount of time, it will gradually increase the quality based on the available bandwidth on that device. The device continues to “check-in” with the Encoder to report the available bandwidth to adjust the quality of the channel up or down, as needed.

Refer to the TV Guides page for your local current channel line-up.

Smithville Streaming TV is specifically a product to help folks that are ready to give up traditional TV packages and use a la carte streaming services. It is restricted to use on Smithville Internet because of the contracts we have with the programming providers.

These are the wording the different devices will deliver if you have exceeded 5 registered devices.

Due to licensing requirements, each Streaming TV customer is allowed up to 5 devices. If you need more on a regular basis, you can add 5 more for an additional fee, just ask a friendly Customer Service representative at (800) 742-4084 or send us a note via our Contact Form.

If you gave a guest access and they no longer need it, you can contact Technical Support at that same number to have all registered devices removed, setting you back to 0 devices. As you authenticate devices, the number-counting restarts. Perhaps you no longer have a device (you traded to a new phone or device) – you can call Technical Support and ask them to remove all registered devices from your account. This resets the licenses to zero, and you then start counting as you re-authenticate current devices.

That will depend on the download bandwidth you receive with your internet service. If you are served by fiber optics, you will absolutely be able to stream 10 devices at the same time. If your internet is served by copper facilities, you are subject to the technical limitation of copper. Buying licenses doesn’t increase bandwidth; it only allows for additional devices to authenticate.

Ethernet is not required for Smithville Streaming TV, but it does offer the most reliable (and highest quality) streaming experience you can get.

We can adjust volume somewhat, and have done our best to make all device volume the same. However, some volume is out of our hands, and will need to be managed on your device.

If your TV has an HDMI port, then you will not need a new TV to enjoy Streaming TV services. If your TV does not have an HDMI port, you may be able to purchase an HDMI adapter from your local retailer or online.

Each device has unique capabilities as driven by their product developers. The iOS and Android devices do allow rewind and skip ahead with both Restart and Catch-Up, but the Amazon Fire TV Stick doesn’t have that ability.

Roku’s business model is no longer friendly to our YourTV app. This change was out of our hands, and we apologize for the inconvenience. You can still access the Smithville Streaming YourTV app on your iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet, and Amazon TV Fire Stick.

Click on the link for your device to watch the video for setting up Restart and Catch-up:

Our weather equipment was many years old, and we were unable to find parts necessary to keep this channel running.

How to Setup Your Streaming TV Device

Click here to watch the video for Android Phone
Click here to watch the video for Android Tablet
Click here for step-by step instructions

Click here to watch the video for iPhone
Click here to watch the video for iPad
Click here for step-by step instructions

Click here to watch the video for Amazon Fire TV Stick
Click here for step-by step instructions

Other Questions

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