Calling Features

Woman on phone

Call Forwarding

Redirect all calls to another telephone number.


Call Forwarding – No Answer

Redirect calls when you don’t answer.


Call Forwarding – Line Busy

Redirect calls when your line is busy.


Call Holding

Place calls on hold and pick up from another phone on your line.


Call Transfer

Transfer the call to another number. Requires three-way calling.


Call Waiting

Alerts you of incoming calls while you are already on the line.


Cancel Call Waiting

Temporarily turns off call waiting for important calls.

Do Not Disturb

Prevent unauthorized incoming calls.



Call another extension of your phone using your existing line.


Personal Ringing

Provides unique ring patterns for up to three phone numbers.


Three-way Calling

Add a third party to an existing phone conversation.


Toll Restriction Override

Override your toll restriction service on a per-call basis.


Enhanced Voicemail

Callers can leave a message which you can retrieve.


Caller ID

See the phone number of the incoming caller.


Caller ID Blocking

Blocks your number from showing up on Caller ID. Requires an unpublished number.


Caller Name

See the name of the incoming caller. Requires Caller ID.


Call Return

Allows you to automatically call back the last number to ring your phone.


Call Screening

Sends a message to specified numbers that you are not receiving calls.


Call Trace

Request a trace of an obscene, threatening or harassing phone call.


Call Waiting II

Provides caller ID information call waiting. Requires Caller ID.


Preferred Call Forwarding

Forward specified numbers to another phone number.


Priority Ringing

Set your phone to ring with a unique pattern for specified numbers.


Repeat Dialing

Automatically attempt a busy number for up to 30 minutes.


Special Call Acceptance

While activated, only accept calls from specified numbers.


Speed Calling 8

Store and dial up to 8 numbers using a single digit code.


Speed Calling 30

Store and dial up to 30 numbers using a single or double digit code.


Warm Line

Setup your line to dial a number by picking up the handset.


Anonymous Call Rejection

Rejects calls with blocked phone numbers.


Single Number Follow Me

Allows you to select up to 3 different numbers where you can be reached through your home phone number. Download the “Single Number Follow Me” User Guide»


Enhanced Voicemail feature includes 21-day message storage, use of up to 100 greetings, Web Portal Access, Greeting Scheduler Tool, Voice Mail to Email Service.

Single Number Follow Me feature allows you to select up to 3 different numbers where you can be reached through your home phone number. When enabled, anyone calling your single home number will be routed to numbers where you or your family members can be reached. These numbers can be cell phones, business phones or even long distance numbers. You can control how and when each number will ring when the service is active.