Fiber Fast

Up to 10 Gbps Fiber optic connectivity. Guaranteed bandwidth. Symmetrical upload and download speeds. State-of-the-art technology from our core to your door.

Superior Network Engineering

Build superior customer experiences, efficient supply chains, on-time manufacturing operations, critical healthcare delivery, IoT development and more.

99.9% Reliability

Smithville’s Fiber-backed SLA will guarantee network uptime, lack of latency, packet loss and jitter. Rely on Cisco-certified engineers who are available 24/7.

Internet & Networking

With Smithville’s 100-gigabit depth, elevate your enterprise with Smithville’s Fiber-fueled core network, powering Indiana’s best business Internet. Build a rock-solid reliable data management service with professional help from Smithville’s top-grade network engineers.

Dedicated Internet

Commercial Internet service on a pure Fiber connection to your site, providing high performance and reliability for intensive tasks.

Point-to-Point Network

Clear and secure direct connectivity at symmetrical speeds for maximum productivity between remote servers and local workstations.

Voice Services

A full spectrum of crystal clear voice services can advance your enterprise – onsite or remote – through traditional-to-advanced voice technology capabilities with a global reach.

SIP Trunking

Upgrade legacy PRI phone service to an IP-enabled PBX system that will cut costs and offer your business a variety of new features.

Cloud Voice

Unify your entire phone system into one simple solution. A multitude of features and capabilities allows you to work your way.

Commercial Security

Dedicated to protecting life and property, Smithville offers professional security monitoring and fire protection services to help protect your facility. From video surveillance, access control, and alarm services, Smithville has the solution to fit your business security needs.

Solutions by Industry

Discover new solutions that are industry-specific to explore which services are best for your business.


Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) is where a direct Fiber line is built out to your business. This provides you with a private network for guaranteed speeds and increased security.

Smithville’s enterprise-level Point-to-Point solutions provide clear and secure direct connectivity from 100 Mbps to 10 Gigabit (10,000 Mbps) and even higher – all at symmetrical speeds for maximum productivity between remote servers and local workstations.

We offer our customers from 100 Mbps up to 10 Gbps for Dedicated Internet Access and up to 100 Gbps secure WAN links or Point-to-Point Networks.

Each product and location will have a different time frame based on what is required for the Fiber build.

After choosing your service with our expert consultants, we will reach out to schedule a site visit if it is required. Some projects require a site visit, while others can be started right away. This just depends on the level of complexity the building presents, such as requiring an underground drop. 

Next, we install the Fiber inside and splice it into the equipment. This may occur either prior to, during or after the construction phase. Once all the Fiber has been spliced and placed, we will test your new Fiber service.

That’s it! Then, you are on your way to enjoying blazing fast speeds on your own private network.

The main difference between SIP Trunking and Cloud Voice is the PBX equipment. SIP Trunking requires you to have your own on-premise PBX equipment. With Cloud Voice, your PBX equipment is hosted by Smithville. All you would have onsite would be your Internet and phones. The maintenance would be done by Smithville. With SIP Trunking, you take care of your own equipment. We just make it VoIP enabled. SIP Trunking requires an in-house IT team to manage the equipment, security strategies, and privacy policies.

I chose Smithville.

“Dealing with the staff and support team at Smithville has been great. The sales side looks at our needs and finds the right solutions for us. The support team then knows that they have the best product out there [for us]. And they know they can support the product. That our internet is reliable and is on. The big telecom companies – we felt like a number to them. We knew that Smithville would take care of us, and has been a fantastic partner – and a valued partner – for over 15 years.”
“All of our records are in the cloud, so we have to have instantaneous access quickly. All of our previous problems that we had with our software was directly related to our previous internet service. So I have been amazed at the difference in speed along with reliability that has come with Smithville internet compared with our previous carrier.”
“Smithville fiber internet is critical for us… We had been using a number of cloud vendors, but over time we saw a cost escalation and we needed a cost competitive solution and network infrastructure to go along with it. Smithville was able to provide that. We’ve used some of the large [internet providers] but they just don’t have the same level of customer service that we get with Smithville. And we just didn’t get that local support that we need that Smithville provides.”
“Smithville fiber is wonderful. It is the fastest, most reliable service that I’ve had. We certaintly love the relationship we’ve had with Smithville.”

Why work with us?

  • 100 years of top-ranked service in Indiana
  • We answer your calls in less than 1.5 minutes on average
  • Recommendations based on your needs with technical support available
  • Backed by a guaranteed Fiber network for seamless workflows
  • Reliability you will not experience elsewhere

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